Congress Jodo Yatra is Needed


The BJP leaders call the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi by mimic names. Especially the Bhartiya Janta Party supporters. Yet, it is these very people that always have their eyes on him and are ever ready to criticise him. Never leaving any opportunity to mock him and the family politics scenario.

Bharat Jodo Yatra has been one of those many occasions. 

Bharat Jodo Yatra has been a way to exhibit the initiative to unite India, one step at a time. Gandhi and Congress leaders, and workers are joining him on his journey from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. The aim is to traverse the route in 150 days

The Yatra has been highly talked about. Men, women, children and others have been swarming to meet Rahul Gandhi and join him, showing their affection and support. Extensive publicity and marketing of the entire movement is taking place, making sure that it is known in every corner of the country. 

BJP’s IT cell is very infamous for taking up very minor aspects of a situation and making it seem humongous. Recently, the IT Cell tweeted a photo of the t-shirt that Gandhi was wearing on one of the days of the yatra was of INR 41,000. The reason behind this does not seem to be clear. However, it is ironic when BJP points out the price tags of outfits or any possession of a party leader.

BJP, a party that has a leader who has not done very great in terms of helping and uplifting the majority population of our country, the farmers. This is being noted since most of the Indian farmers are poor, or any person below and just above the poverty line. Modi had over INR 2000 crore spent on his tours and INR 1.6 crore on a daily basis for his security.

India has been experiencing price hikes since 2014. The cost of fuel was around INR 50’s and now has skyrocketed and has almost become double of what it was earlier.

Integration Recently of Congress

But one thing, besides petty matters, that BJP always raises questions about is the integration of the party of Indian National Congress. 

Congress’ strength as a political party has been scrutinised a lot, ever since BJP started to grow in various states. With the mindset of position over principles, Congress has witnessed several of its MLAs leaving its side and joining BJP.

All this has led to the weakening of the party hence, making BJP inevitably stronger. 

Time and again, we come across news wherein Congress members wish to remove the Gandhis from the senior-most positions of the party. Even now, we are seeing Shashi Tharoor and Ashok Gehlot contest for the party’s position of president. 

Ashok Gehlot’s supporters have an opinion to send him to the headquarters and have him replaced by someone who has stood up to BJP, otherwise they shall resign. It was obvious that Sachin Pilot is acceptable. There have been tensions between Pilot and Gehlot.  

Congress Jodo Yatra is Needed
Congress Jodo Yatra is Needed

Recently, Arminder Singh joined BJP, after AAP took over Punjab earlier this year.  Gehlot cannot be lost as his loyalty matters a lot to the party. Gehlot’s popularity in the state of Rajasthan makes him a crucial member. Gehlot has since withdrawn from the Congress party contest, so it will now be status quo in Rajasthan.

Congress has to and has been cautious of its moves. With BJP and other opposing political parties on the hunt for the next new mistake or fumble, Congress’ difficulty to keep its MLAs and other key leaders in the party is making the current scenario even trickier for them. It could lead to more losses in terms of political power and majority.

The Congress now needs to set its house in order. A new president, elected by due process, is welcome and should provide an opportunity to start rebuilding and rebranding the organisation, but only if the new president is given the freedom to execute and make decisions and there is no shadow ‘high command’. But first the party has to find a solution for the scenario in Rajasthan – a successful outcome will set the tone and then ensure that MLAs and MPs stay within the fold. Perhaps there is also a need for a Congress Jodo Yatra.


Vidhu Gupta
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