Djokovic says he wishes to have a retirement like Roger Federer


Serbian tennis great Novak Djokovic reveals that he wishes to have a retirement like his rival 

Roger Federer, as was also seen with teary eyes at Federer’s retirement, which put an end to his 24-year-long career. 

Roger Federer played his last competitive match at the Laver Cup in London last week, after which he admitted that his retirement felt like a movie, and in the presence of his biggest rivals- Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, and Rafael Nadal. The 41-year-old had an emotional farewell, after playing a doubles match alongside Rafael Nadal, which was followed by an emotional goodbye to the sport. 

Credit: The Independent.

Djokovic called Federer’s career “Epic”, and said that he has left a legacy and mark that will be eternal. He also called Federer one of the biggest names in the history of all sports. 

When he was asked later, Djokovic said that at his own retirement, other than family and friends, he would also like to have his biggest rivals alongside him, which would make it more special and add importance to the moment. 


Devika Sahni
Devika Sahni
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