Doctor Strange 2: New leak and Tom Cruise


Doctor Strange 2 Speculations

Another persistent rumor surrounding Marvel Studio’s upcoming Doctor Strange 2 in the Multiverse of Madness is that Tom Cruise will be portraying a version of Iron Man in the film. According to fan beliefs, Tom Cruise is portraying an Iron Man-like character in Marvel’s next Doctor Strange sequel.

Fans have claimed to have seen him in trailers, and there are unconfirmed set photos of the actor available on the internet as well as other sources.

According to a fresh piece of information from a Marvel insider, the amount of screen time that Tom Cruise will have in the film has been revealed, and it may surprise fans. Fans had been speculating for months that Tom would be portraying a superhero variation of Iron Man.

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There were even photographs of the actor taken on the set of the film. They were, however, unable to be validated. Once again, there has been speculation that the hazy figure shown in the teaser is Tom’s Iron Man, but there has been no proof.

Following this, Marvel source K.C. Walsh has supposedly put an end to the speculation by declaring that Tom Cruise will not be appearing in Doctor Strange 2.

Fan’s Reaction

Though the film has been met with some widespread disappointment, some fans remain skeptical, believing that Marvel is engaging in deliberate misdirection as a last-ditch effort to save their favorite film.

Some have even speculated that Tom’s role was most likely deleted from the film once it was leaked, which is what caused the late reshoots of the picture.

Several other well-known actors are expected to make cameo appearances, including John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic and Ryan Reynolds, Tobey Maguire, and Halle Berry, who are expected to reprise their roles as Deadpool, Spider-Man, and Storm, respectively. None of these, on the other hand, have been confirmed.

Doctor Strange 2 is a direct sequel to Spider-Man

No Way Home is set in the same universe. Because the film deals with the concepts of variation and multiverse, there is a good probability that multiple performers may appear in cameo roles, either as versions of current characters or returning to reprise parts from other series that they have already played. Tom’s rumored cameo is only one of several fan speculations that have surfaced in recent months.


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