A 14 year old boy with the nickname “El Chapito” was arrested by the Mexican authorities for the drug related assault of eight people near the Mexico city capital. Photo Source : Firstpost

Incidence of open firing in Chimalhuacan

A 14 year old boy with the nickname “El Chapito” was arrested by the Mexican authorities for the drug related assault of eight people near the Mexico city capital said the federal Public Safety Department. 

In Chimalhuacan, the low-income Mexico City suburb the boy rode upon a motorcycle and opened fire on the family lf the victims. It is reported that the family was holding a party to celebrate birthday in their home on January 22, when the firing took place. 


A photo taken at the crime scene showed a trampoline on the lawn, tied balloons, scattered chairs and set up decorations.

Three people died on the spot and five people succumbed to their injuries later in the hospital. Seven adults and two children aged three and fourteen were injured during the incident of violence.

Mexican crime gangs

The real name of the boy was not revealed by the Mexican authorities but the nickname “El Chapito” or “Little Chapo” is referenced to the Mexican drug king Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. El Chapo Guzman was imprizoned in 2019 for charges on money laundering, drug tracfficking and weapon related crimes. He is currently serving his time in the “supermax” maximum security prison in Colorado.

Several other gang members along with the boy have been arrested by the police and they suspect it is due to a drug related issue. 

Mexican drug gangs often indulge in kidnapping for money, blackmailing and contract killing. They kill the rivals who sell drugs in their territory and also debtors who owe them money.

Child killers on the loose

Mexican gangs are using children in their assault activities for years from now. In a incident in 2010, a 14 year old boy called “El Ponchis” was captured by the soldiers. 

When inquired the boy revealed that he was kidnapped at the age of 11 and his real name was ‘Edgar’. He further revealed that he was drugged and threatened into committing the crimes.

The boy was involved with a drug related gang cartel of the South Pacific, a split up division of Beltran Leyva Gang. He claimed to have participated in four beheadings at the least.

Women suspected of multiple murders arrested

The prosecutors of Sonora, a northern border state said they had arrested a women who is suspected to be linked with more than nine drug related murders in the Mexicali Border City. 

The women had outstanding arrest warrant for two murder cases and also had connection with seven other murder trails. The Mexican officials did not reveal the motive of the commission of the crime.


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