Elections In Afghanistan  


Afghanistan is facing tremendous changes in the early summer of 2021; after the forceful seizure of the nation by the Taliban and ongoing disputes with other countries, the Iran President supported and encouraged the Afghan citizen to determine their future by voting for their government. 

Iran support towards Elections in Afghanistan 

The Iran President, Ebrahim Raisi, actively and openly supported the election process in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover and the withdrawal of US troops from the nation.

On 4th September 2021, Iran President Ebrahim Raisi openly announced his idea of elections in Afghanistan on state television, stating that the citizens of Afghanistan should practice their right to vote by conducting elections, thus determining their government to ensure the security of the people and maintain peace in the country.

According to him, elections could bring change in the current condition of the nations and bring back the stability of the country.

Through the announcement of the Iran President, the Islamic Republic reflected its supports and concerns towards the Afghan people and towards the peace and sovereignty among the people of the country. 

 Afghanistan is under the watch of various countries that look forward to the government governed and controlled by the Taliban.

The history between 1996-2001 reflects the harsh treatment of the Taliban while governing Afghanistan, where girls and women were restricted in education and public life. People were brutally suppressed and killed. 

Current situation of Afghanistan 

On 3rd September 2021, the Afghan women gathered and protested against the Taliban and further raised their voices for their rights in the country.

A women’s protest was conducted in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, which reflected the women’s concern towards their living status and rights under the forceful seizure and control of the Taliban in the nation.

When the Taliban started to seek recognition all over the globe, meantime, the Afghan women raised their voices against them and demanded their rights in the nation.

The Afghan female artist who flew to other countries such as Italy and the US to escape the rule of the Taliban also begged the people of the world not to forget the innocent people of Afghanistan and protect them.  

 Moreover, the leader of Austria also states that the migration problem raised from Afghanistan due to rule of the Taliban should be managed efficiently and handled by the neighbouring countries of the region.

The Leader of Austria also announced that Serbia would not accept any migrants from Afghanistan and states that the neighbouring countries of the nation should come forward to dissolve the migration issue of the country. 

Elections In Afghanistan  

Afghanistan Upcoming Political Status 

The Taliban are still developing and forming a transition government that further reflects the Taliban view on conducting elections.

The formation of government by people choice is yet to be created. Though the Iran President states that the people of Afghanistan should conduct elections and choose their government as soon as possible, the application of the saying is far from reachable context as the Taliban disapproves of such actions by the nation’s citizens.

At the same time, the Taliban assures that foreign diplomatic mission and public safety would not be threatened by the Taliban rule, which raises various questions among the people across the globe about the central aspect and goals of the Taliban.

Moreover, the recognition of the Taliban also depends on the formation of the government in the country as the regime of the Taliban would be judged only based on the actions taken by the Taliban as a political aspect in the country.  

Niki Beniwal
Niki Beniwal
Emerging journalist and content writer.



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