Fresh clashes between Israelis and Palestinians at Al -Aqsa Mosque


These clashes come as Jewish worshipers returned to the holy site for the first time this month

On Thursday, after around 10 days of relative peace, fresh clashes erupted at the Al-Aqsa Mosque as per police reports. Parallelly Israeli Supreme Court rejected a petition against the eviction of Palestinians living in the rural part of the West Bank. The Israeli military has designated the region for military exercises.

The police commented that the rioters had thrown stones and other objects at them. There was a huge police presence in front of the mosque as it was for the first time this month that the Jewish community returned to the site.

Two people have sustained injuries from the clashes as per the reports the The Palestinian Red Crescent’. The clashes happened on the anniversary of the 1948 independence of Israel. The Ramadan month during which Muslims fast has also come to an end recently. Along with this Passover, the Jewish festival and Easter Christian festival also overlapped.

As per a report from AFP, 600 Jewish people came to the mosque compound. The Foreign Ministry of Palestine announced that the actions by Israelis count for a “declaration of religious war”.

Al-Aqsa Mosque is an important holy site for Muslims and the holiest site for Judaism. To Jews, the site is known as ” Temple Mount”. Palestinians were angered by the increasing costs of news to the site. As per conventions Jews can visit the place but can’t pray there.

Yair Lapid, Foreign Minister of Israel, said that this status quo cannot be changed. Previously a round of clashes had taken place in April in which around 300 people were injured. The clashes at that time were between the Palestinians and the police.

Israeli police had conducted a raid on the compound last month that had sparked condemnation from regional leaders. Around 14 Israeli people have been killed since March due to outbreaks of violence. 26 Palestinians have also died.

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