Ukraine’s Ambassador to Germany criticises Chancellor on direct delivery of Heavy weapons


German Politician on Ukraine Crisis, Almost after months of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, critics targeted the chancellor for not taking any strong action against Russia.

Moreover, The German Politician on Ukraine Crisis  has sent defensive weapons till now and he promised to deliver more military aid but still, they haven’t sent any weapons directly to Ukraine

Further, the Ukraine ambassador added that the German army is capable enough to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine.

He said that they don’t know why this is not happening. As Ukraine needs more heavy weapons to stop Russia in Ukraine.

Army general Markus Laubenthal said the Bundeswehr was simply not in a position to send the weapons Ukraine wants, as this would “considerably weaken its defence capability”.

The chancellor said in a speech that Germany doesn’t want to go alone and send heavy weapons without the backing of their alliance like NATO.

Opposition leader Friedrich Merz to A broadcaster that

“Germany’s reputation is being damaged” and “valuable time is being lost”, “There are NATO partners who are well ahead of Germany” and “already delivering heavy weapons to Ukraine”,

Merz said, leaving people at home and abroad asking: “What is Germany doing?”

Edited by – Vanshika Sahu

Published by – Mohd Faizan

Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar
Naveen was born in Koraiya village, East Champaran, Bihar, near the Indo-Nepal border. who is basically known as Naveen Singh Kushwaha. His childhood was full of struggle, but he has completed his Master's degree in journalism and mass communication. He considers his faith and family to be the most important things to him. He is a cat lover. He is a poet, and his anthropology is Ashq Armano ke. Even though he is an amazing photographer who has worked with many film actors and models and covered many fashion shows like Bangalore Times Fashion Week and Femina South.he keep keen interest in Politics and international issues.


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