German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and USA President Joe Biden discussed the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war in an intimate meeting.

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Seated in the Oval Office in Washington, the President and Chancellor are NATO allies who vowed to aid Ukraine until the end of the war. It is expected that they also spoke about the possibility of China sending support to Russia as that would be a game changer and a huge blow to Ukraine.


China has accused the USA of spreading lies while the USA has stated that it will impose Sanctions on China if they send aid to Russia.

Mr. Scholz spoke to his own Parliament earlier and said that China, their biggest trade partner should use their power and influence to put pressure on Russia to cease the ruthless war. This comes at a time when Moscow has made advances in Bakhmut, a city in Ukraine.

The meeting between the two leaders was kept highly confidential and very few details were let known.

Germany and USA- Bilateral relations between USA and Germany

Despite fighting each other in both world wars in the past, the Deutschland and States currently are close and strong allies, owing to their many common experiences, interests, and values.

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Post World War II and until the Revolutions of 1989, West Germany remained affiliated with the USA, while East Germany was tied to the Soviet Union. The fall of the Berlin Wall saw the Reunified Federal Republic of Germany become one of the closest allies of the USA and a member of the European Union and NATO. The 9/11 terrorist attacks further strengthened the bond between the two nations as they had joined hands to combat terrorism.

However, Trump’s office term saw a dramatic turn in the nature of relations, primarily over Germany’s energy dependence on Russian oil. While many issues between the countries remain unresolved under Biden’s rule, the regular meetings and visits are viewed as an attempt to restore their former close alliance.

Association of Germany with the war struck Russia-Ukraine-

Ever since the sinking of Communism in 1991, relations between Germany and Russia have been mostly on the brighter side with different Chancellors of Germany dealing with it in different ways. A key relation between these countries is the Nord Stream project. Nord Stream is a system of offshore natural gas pipelines in Europe that connects Germany and Russia under the Baltic Sea. Though as of 2023, none of the pipelines are operational as a result of blasts in 2022.

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Ukraine and Germany’s current relations began in 1989. At the consulate level, relations were resumed in 1989; as a full-scale diplomatic post, they were resumed in 1992. Ukraine has the backing of Germany when it comes to its membership in the European Union and NATO.

Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in 2022, Germany has sent weapons and battle tanks to Kyiv support to Ukraine. Germany was also one of the countries to impose various sanctions on Russia. This move has had a negative impact on the German economy.

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