Girls’ privacy invasion, Punjab all hot and alert 


There is a very disheartening incident, that took place in Punjab very recently. This puts trust on hostels in jeopardy because not only it happened from students’ side by also the respected authorizes didn’t take the necessary action. Read this article to know the details in depth. 

Girls' privacy invasion, Punjab all hot and alert
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In Chandigarh there is girls hostel where one girl recorded her mates’ videos while taking bath and shared those in Shimla with a boy. Those videos were found out on pornographic sites. According to the sources we are not sure if the boy in suspicion is responsible for this mischief or someone else. 

The girl who recorded and uploaded the clips of her 60 hostel mates has been rusticated by the concerned authorities and is currently under the police custody. 

She has been booked under the Sections 354 c of IPC and IT act at the Gharuan police post. 

Punjab government and police is all furious as they should be. They have started looking for the boy in Shimla and is conducting multiple raids. 

Hundreds of Hostel girls have started a massive protest. The reason why some group launches protest, is in the fact. That when the authorities don’t pick up the topic on a serious note, then the only option left in a democratic country is to raise voice and gather the attention of general public. These girls are very brave, it is so important to raise voice against the evil.

According to some sources the hostel authorities tried to cover up this big issue. It is so disheartening to see and hear such response by those who are in power and are trusted by the parents of thousands of kids. Well now since it is in the light of burning issue, we can be rest assured with subject to the culprit being nabbed and punished. 

There was a report that many 8 students attempted to suicide by now it has been verified and declared as void by the Punjab police. 

Punjab government is asking the students to calm down and let them do their work. They do understand the students concerns and their anger because such invasion like these to privacy could never be expressed in words. 


Pushan Sethi
Pushan Sethi
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