‘I, Ranbir, Husband of Alia!’ Signed Ranbir’s Pledge to Alia’s Bridesmaids


It has officially been a week since B-Town’s favourite couple got married in an intimate wedding.

The wedding was kept under wraps for weeks before the public got any news about it a day or two before the actual wedding.

Well, to say everyone is hungry for every detail to be revealed in this superstar duo’s wedding will be obvious.

Ranbir’s pledge

News is still surfacing about some of the intimate information shared by family and friends, like Ranbir’s pledge, spotted by an eagle-eyed fan, and we can’t keep calm!

Ranbir and Alia’s ivory and golden marriage ceremony was held in Ranbir’s Pali Hill apartment. The vivacious decoration can be seen from the pictures posted by the bridesmaids’ squad of the wedding.

Hand-written note from Ranbir to Alia’s best friends

Tanya Saha Gupta, Alia’s best friend, shared a lot of pictures of the newlyweds and their bridesmaids. There are a lot of pictures, and one of them has Ranbir’s pledge: a hand-written promise of Rs 12 lakh for his bridesmaids.

If we take a closer look, we can figure out what was written on that pledge. As the husband of Alia, Ranbir’s pledge to her bridesmaids was sweet,

“I, Ranbir, husband of Alia, will give 12 lakhs to all of them.”

The Couple’s Wedding Playlist

Recently, in an interview with DJ AJ, who was officially the DJ at Ranbir-Alia’s wedding, he revealed the pop playlist played.

He said he played a mix of Punjabi, Bollywood and English songs for their wedding, including the recently popular AP Dhillon’s Insane and Gur Nal Isha Mitha.

He also said the high energy levels and the mix of Punjabi, Bollywood, and English music were the best ways to celebrate the two people.


The wedding will be talked about for a long time, as it should.Be it Ranbir’s pledge to Alia’s bridesmaids or the sweet story behind holding their wedding at Ranbir’s house, ‘Vastu’.

These beloved B-Town wedding pictures have been melting everyone’s hearts.

Published By : Chittajallu H S Kumar

Edited By: Kiran Maharana 

Arya Rai
Arya Rai
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