IIT has brought a new undergraduate programme in the mix- Bachelors in design, starting 2022-2023 session


Yes. Design aspirants read this right. IIT Delhi is starting a new undergraduate programme- Bachelors in Design(BDes).

The four-year-long programme offered by the design department of the prestigious institute that came into force in 2017 will open with 20 seats.


The undergraduate course offers a seat to all students irrespective of their specializations. Admission to the same is being provided through UCEED-Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for design ranks.

UCEED has begun with the registration process and is scheduled to happen on Sunday, January 23, 2021, from 9:00, am to 12 pm (IST).

The registration process ends without a late fee of Rupees 500 or US $50 at 11:55 pm October 10, 2021, and with the late payment on October 17,11:55pm.  

Monetary Concerns?

For all students who are Indian citizens, females (all categories) will be charged Rupees 1750.

The exact price is charged for male candidates belonging to SC, ST, PWD. All other candidates will be charged rupees 3,500. 

Foreign nations follow a different pricing structure for the same- 

Candidates from SAARC countries will be charged the US $350, while those belonging to non-SAARC are charged higher- US $450. 

Format for Bachelors of Design(Bdes)

The 3 hours long UCEED paper is held in English carrying a total of 300 marks is divided into two parts – Part A and Part B

Part A, administered through a computer-based test, carries the most weightage with a time limit of 2 hours, 40 minutes and Total marks of 240. 

Part A further subdivides itself into three sections- Numerical Anwer Type (NAT), MSQ- Multiple Select Questions and MCQ- Multiple Choice Question carrying 72, 72 and 96 marks, respectively. 

An important detail, lingering question in the minds of all candidates is “Negative Marking” Both MSQ and MCQ carry a negative marking of 1 and 1.71, respectively, in case of incorrect answers. NAT section

However, is lenient in this particular aspect with no negative marking for answering the question incorrectly. 

Part B, a 30-minute section carrying 60 marks, involves sketching.  

Note- for more details regarding the examination, please visit the link-  http://www.uceed.iitb.ac.in/2022/

IIT Delhi has been running the Masters of Design- MDes programme since 1994. It has formulated the bachelor’s programme expecting excellence out of its candidates and hopes to witness them taking leadership roles in the future.

The steps aimed to bridge the gap of the demand-supply of quality design professionals.

The Head of the department released the following statement on the same “The programme is designed for imparting high-quality education to produce industry-ready and socially conscious design, professionals for addressing some of the grand challenges facing our society/country.” 

As societal mindset slowly turns towards more sustainable, conscious clothing, we need creative individuals who share the same vision and give this mindset shift the necessary boost.

Guruksha Gurnani
Guruksha Gurnani
An economics graduate amidst pandemic still whining about the farewell that didn’t take place. Unfinished letters, manuscripts, and poems adorn my library. Writing isn’t just a skill, it’s a safe haven after an exhausting day at work. This is home.



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