The G-7 Summit for the year 2023 will be hosted by Japan.

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According to the Finance Ministry of Japan, the Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki is likely to set out for a three-day visit to Singapore and Vietnam.


The three-day meeting is said to be held in the second week this month from January 10-13.

“On top of bilateral ties, we will discuss vital agenda such as financial cooperation within the region” said Suzuki.

The Japanese Finance Minister will hold talks with the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore and the Finance Minister of Vietnam.

“We will also make use of talks with Singapore for achieving our goal of making Tokyo a global financial centre” said Suzuki.

The finance minister also said that there won’t be any discussions about the sales tax plans. “The government is not making any specific consideration towards the way future sales tax should be. I think Amari’s remarks are his own,” said the Minister.

The county’s maiden foreign economic partnership

Lawrence Wong, Singapore’s deputy prime minister. Image Source: The Week

In 2002, Tokyo had for the first time signed a financial agreement with another country which was with Singapore. The Japan-Singapore Economic Partnership Agreement (JSEPA) promoted easier economic cooperation between the two nations the policy also erased tariffs.

Vietnam-Japan Joint Initiative

Vietnamese finance chief Ho Duc Phoc

A meeting for the review of the 2003 Vietnam-Japan Joint Initiative was held in July last year in Hanoi. The 8th phase of meeting focused on issues including Law on Investment and the Law on Enterprises, public-private partnership, stock market reforms and improvements in energy supply system in Vietnam.

Tokyo’s Ambassador to Vietnam Yamada Takio then said, “Vietnam – Japan Joint Initiative is a practical and effective policy dialogue framework”.


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