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US President Joe Biden refuses any changes in the troop’s withdrawal plan from Afghanistan

US president has refused to make any changes in his plan of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. As the Taliban is increasingly gaining control in more prominent parts of Afghanistan, the Afghans realize that they must come together politically.

Joe Biden has ordered to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan by September 11. 90% of soldiers have already been removed from Afghanistan.

When reporters asked if he was going to change his decision at all, looking at Taliban spreading across the country, the US president answered “No”.

Joe Biden will insist on providing close air support, resupplying forces with food and equipment, paying all their salaries and be faithful to the commitments made by the United States.

But on the condition that the Afghans have to fight back as they have outnumbered the Taliban. Biden clearly says he does not regret his decision to withdraw American troops and will stay committed.

Statements from the White House

Joe Biden explained that the US had been trillions of dollars on Afghanistan from the last twenty years. They have trained and equipped over 300 thousand Afghan forces.

They have lost thousands in lives and injuries of American soldiers and tens of thousands of Afghan government forces and civilians. Biden says that the Afghan leaders have to come together to fight for themselves and their nation.

The Whitehouse Press Secretary told the reporters that they had achieved their objectives some years ago. The primary purpose of sending troops to Afghanistan was to deliver justice to those attacked on September 11 2001.

After a month in October, the USA sent their troops to Afghanistan to hinder the growing Taliban power and empower Afghanistan. She added that they judge the threat against their homeland, which is the responsibility of the Commander-in-Chief.

Jen Psaki said that they would provide a great range of assistance to the Afghan National Security Defence Forces. They have proposed funding an FY2022 budget request of 3.3 billion dollars, an enormous amount for the Afghan Security Forces.

The president has asked for a clear assessment of the situation for the review from his team on possible implications there may occur.

Jen Psaki says these are difficult decisions that are made. After twenty years of rigorous war, it is time to bring American troops of men and women back to their homeland. They will continue to be their partners and supporters of their efforts on the ground.



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