Kerala Reports the Case of Monkeypox Again


Kerala’s Kannur district reported the second case of monkeypox, confirmed the state health minister. A 31-year-old man tested positive for the virus.

Kerala reports the case of Monkeypox again
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Soon after the first case of Monkeypox was reported, the second case of monkeypox disease has been identified. The second case of the monkeypox virus has been reported in Kerela’s Kannur district, state Health Minister Veena George said on Monday. 

“The second case of monkeypox in Kerala has been confirmed in Kannur district” confirmed the Health Ministry. She said that A 31-year-old man has tested positive for the disease.

With this, Kerala reports its second instance of the Monkeypox virus within a week’s time.

“The patient’s health condition is reported to be satisfactory”, George told the news agency ANI. “Those in contact with him have been put under surveillance”.

The person has been admitted to the Government Medical College Hospital in Kannur.

First Case

Earlier, India reported the First case of Monkeypox on July 14. A 35-year-old man who arrived from the United Arab Emirates was diagnosed with it. 

Immediate action was taken in response and the Union health ministry departed a high-level academic discipline. The team worked in collaboration with the authorities for executing the public health care measures.

Since the first case was reported fourteen districts were sent the special alert. 

Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan asserted that whoever is conjectured would be screened and tested. He said to be cautioned and implemented various measures.

He asked states as well as Union Territories to escalate vigilance, especially at the international entry places i.e. airports, tourist places, hospitals, etc. Help Desks were also set up in the four airports.

Monkeypox Virus

  • Monkeypox Virus is a viral zoonotic disease endemic to West and Central Asia. 
  • The disease-causing virus is transferable and hence can be conveniently transmitted from one person to another through close contact with an infected person or an animal.
  • It is spread through lesions, respiratory droplets, body fluids, or contaminated materials such as bedding.
  • Symptoms are – fever, chills, exhaustion, rashes(appearing as pimples or blisters on the face), lymph nodes, headache, or muscle ache.
  • A self-limited disease, with its symptoms lasting 2 to 4 weeks.
  • The first case of a human outbreak of Monkeypox was reported in 1970 in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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