Indian High Commission vandalized in London. Image source: The Hindu 

A man has been arrested in London after a group of pro-Khalistani protestors vandalized the Indian High Commission and removed the Indian flag from the first-floor balcony of the building. The violent protest resulted in two security guards sustaining minor injuries.

The Metropolitan Police were called to the Indian High Commission and launched an investigation into the incident. The majority of protestors had dispersed before the police arrived, but videos on social media showed a crowd waving yellow Khalistan banners, while a man detached the Indian flag from the balcony. The protest is believed to be the work of Sikh separatists. 


London Mayor Sadiq Khan condemned the incident on Twitter, stating that there was no place in the city for this kind of behaviour. Alex Ellis, the British High Commissioner to India described the incident as disgraceful and unacceptable. A Foreign Office minister, Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon, expressed his disgust at the incident and assured that the UK government would take the security of the Indian High Commission seriously. 

Man Arrested for Vandalism 

An Indian man was arrested with connection to the violent protest. Image source: medianews18 

The police arrested a man in connection with the violent protest. According to the police report, windows were broken at the High Commission building. Two members of security staff were injured, but their injuries did not require hospital treatment. While covering the incident, an investigation is still ongoing. 

Indian High Commission responds

Indian High Commission protested strongly by unfurling a grand tricolour. Image source: Twitter

The Indian High Commission has responded to the vandalism by putting up a massive national flag at its office in London’s Aldwych. BJP’s national spokesperson Jaiveer Shergill shared the images on Twitter and demanded action against the miscreants who attempted to disrespect the Indian flag at the High Commission. The incident has received widespread condemnation from Indian officials. 

India Protests Vandalism 

India has registered its strong protest with the British government over the safety of its diplomatic mission, following vandalism at the India House building in London, with shattered windows and men climbing the building. The Indian official was seen grabbing the flag from a protester through the first-floor window of the mission while the protester was hanging off its ledge and waving a Khalistan flag before it was taken away.

Protests rose after Amritpal Singh was arrested by Punjab Police. Image source: Getty Images 

 The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) summoned the senior-most UK diplomat in New Delhi to convey India’s ‘strong protest’ at the actions taken by separatist and extremist elements against the Indian High Commission in London. The MEA statement demanded an explanation for the complete absence of British security that allowed these elements to enter the High Commission premises and reminded the UK government of their basic obligations under the Vienna Convention.  

Protests in Australia and Canada 

The terrorist group, Sikhs For Justice, is currently organizing a so-called “Referendum 2020” amidst a crackdown on pro-Khalistan leader Amritpal Singh in Punjab. On Sunday, there was a similar radical incident by Khalistani supporters in Canada and Australia. Similar radical actions have been taken by Khalistani supporters in Canada and Australia, where Hindu temples have been vandalized, and Indian consulates have faced safety concerns due to unauthorized gatherings.

The Indian government has raised the issue with foreign government to curb the activities. Image source: Getty

The Indian government has raised the issue with Australian and Canadian authorities and requested that anti-India activities of Khalistani separatists be curbed, along with attacks on Hindu temples. During his visit to India, Australian Prime Minister Albanese reassured his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi that Australia will not tolerate any extreme actions, including attacks on religious places. 

The rise of Khalistani separatist activities and attacks on religious places in countries like Canada and Australia is a cause of concern for India. The Indian government has repeatedly urged the authorities in these countries to take strong action against such activities and protect the interests of its citizens and places of worship. 


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