King Charles III to not attend the climate summit after PM’s advice


Buckingham palace has confirmed that the climate change conference COP27 which is to be held in Egypt next month will be deprived of King Charles III.

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The palace has stated that the new king has adhered to the advice of Prime Minister Ms.Truss. The palace released the statement, “With mutual friendship and respect there was agreement that the King would not attend,”

King Charles III to not attend the climate summit

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Then the Prince of Wales and now the new King had previously indicated that he would be attending the annual conference. Johnny Dymond, the royal correspondent, has told the media that the king is personally disappointed as he feels passionately towards environmental campaigns but as a sovereign, he feels he should act more mindfully and dutifully adhere to the government’s advice. 

The king traveled to Egypt just last November with the government’s blessings and met President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi to urge the administration on its efforts.

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King Charles has a long history of campaigning for environmental causes. During the COP26 last year in Glasgow, he made a speech at the opening ceremony.


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