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Choosing outfits, matching accessories, and make-up is an everyday thing. However, as the pandemic struck the entire world, we stopped dressing up as we had nowhere to go. We always stay in our pyjamas, and to top it all, we had to listen to the disheartening and depressing news regarding COVID-19. Dopamine dressing or dressing for happiness is a trend of 2022

Fortunately, as the cases began to subside, people started going out, and for that, they had to dress up. One of the trends seen in the way people dressed up was “dopamine dressing”.  Let’s have a look at what it is.  

Dopamine dressing 

The way we dress up and style our outfits can elevate or degrade our spirits. Dopamine dressing is about dressing up in a way that boosts our mood and mental health. We gather clothes, fabrics, colours and styles in such a way that gives us joy. And, if our attire is on point, we feel confident and content. Fashion experts have predicted that dopamine dressing is going to be a trend in the year 2022.  

Researchers have found that our mental well-being is hugely dependent on what we choose to wear. In the book “Mind What You Wear: Psychology of Fashion”, author Karer Pine wrote, “What we wear affects how we feel so much that it can distort and determine our thoughts and judgments.” 

For instance, wearing dull colours and unflattering fits can degrade our minds, and in case we wear bright and vibrant hues, they can lift our moods in seconds.  

Connection of colours and moods 

Colours have the power to help us heal. Every colour in the colour chart has energy and vibrations that might influence our thoughts. Red, for example, makes us hungry and is often utilized by fast-food industries, whereas white brings us calm and harmony. 

Green tints can aid to relax and soothe your thoughts, as well as reduce tension. Red is an energizing colour that is frequently used in party costumes. On the other hand, whites and blues represent peace and harmony and should be worn if you are anxious. 

However, it is worth noting that the meaning of colours varies from culture to culture. White is worn during mourning, and red is worn during weddings in India. In contrast, white is worn during weddings, and black is worn during mourning in Western countries. 

Colours that we view as brilliant and lively, such as red, may be perceived by others as bold or electrifying. We consider colours dull, such as pastel tones, can be a go-to-happy colour for others. As a result, colours are influenced by our personalities and what they mean to us.  

Dress to communicate your personality 

People make judgements based on how we dress, so our costumes must reflect who we are as individuals.  

There are no restrictions on the colours you can wear. Go for it if you enjoy wearing light colours like pastel pink and powder blue. And if you want bright colours like orange and yellow, you should wear them. Dopamine dressing is about dressing to uplift your mood. Hence, dress up as you wish and wear what you love as long as you feel content and comfortable.   

Published By- Bharat Anand



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