Kolkata teen with down syndrome gets standing ovation for designing clothes in fashion show


Kolkata beams with the many Durga puja themes as the date approaches the city. Zink London Fashion Show was one of them and also the most highlighted one in the city for many reasons. Heads were turned and people talked about the one with beautiful floral designs which was the work of Anushka Niara Mitter, a mere 17-year-old girl who walked down the ramp with her beloved father. 

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This is not the first time Anushka where she showcased her valued talents regarding fashion and designs. She had her very own painting exhibition in Mumbai 7 years ago. 

Niara was diagnosed with down syndrome at birth, she only talks to her mother and mostly likes to stay in her own world of paintings. 

Niara from Kolkata

Kolkata girl with Down syndrome into fashion
Image Source- News 18

Niara was busy in her painting book while the show was about to kick off.  Her father was once discussing her paintings with his friend Malini, who is also the owner of Zinc London. Malini later approached the parents to launch Niara’s separate collection at her upcoming fashion show. Niara was over the moon when she was told about the news. Niara’s walk was welcomed with a standing ovation from the audience. The 17 year old was also the showstopper. 

“She is a very special child. She has been giving back to society for 10 years. Today she was in awe when she saw all the models wearing her designs. We hope that she will be able to build a career around this, as she really enjoys painting.” Niara’s mother Nilima Mitter said.

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