Kriti Sanon compliments Prabhas: He has weird purity in his eyes.


Kriti Sanon compliments her co-star Prabhas.

Kriti Sanon, one of the famous and successful Bollywood actresses, is all set to share a screen with Bahubali fame actor Prabhas. Kriti Sanon and Prabhas will share the screen for their upcoming Pan-India mythological drama named Adipurish. In a recent interview, Kriti opens up about her co-star and compliments him as well.

Kriti Sanon is always seen in great roles by doing amazing work for her movies with her co-stars. Now Kriti is working on the Pan-Indian mythological drama sharing the screen with Prabhas which gets their fans very excited about their collaboration.

In a recent interview, one of the fans of Kriti asked her a question apart from the food stories what other quality of Prabhas sets him apart from the others and something which is unknown about him that she can share with the fans? And would she like to work with him again?

In the answer, Kriti replied that she would love to work with him again and she had a great time with him while working on the movie and apart from the food something unique about him  Kriti says that Prabhas has some weird purity in his eyes.

Kriti says that sometimes when she used to see his shots when the camera is really close to him there is very little he can do with his eyes but the thing is the person can really feel what Prabhas is feeling.

By completing Prabhas, Kriti said that she thinks that Prabhas is from one of those people who have really expressive eyes and which is very deep and pure . Kriti also said that this is one of the reasons that Prabhas really suits the part because of his sense of niceness and purity in his eyes.

Upcoming movies of Kriti Sanon

Kriti is working on many films and her upcoming projects are ‘Adipurush’ , ‘Shehzada’,’ Bhediya’ , ‘Ganapathy’  and Anurag Kashyap’s also which is till now unannounced . Some exciting works are coming from Kriti Sanon . 


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