Lily Singh: Hollywood Struggles with Diversity


Over the years, Lily Singh has become a significant name in the industry. Starting as a YouTube sensation and creating history by becoming the first woman to host a late-night show in the United States, the author of ‘How to be Bawse’ has marked a long way for people to get inspired. The Indian Canadian star wants to use her stature to highlight the South Asian Talent.

At the inauguration of the Jaipur Literature Festival 2022, Lily Singh said that even though Hollywood is taking its baby steps toward an equitable representation, it is still struggling with optimum diversity in its truest sense. The comedian and host said that she visions doing more loud and destructive work to put the faces of South Asia in the centre of the arena. She claimed that as she has come a long way in her career, she is getting more work in terms of series and films but what she wants to do at the

moment is to write, direct and produce more. She visions to do all of it in a long format that would highlight the gems of South Asia. Although she has over 1000 sketches but they are all in short form. Hence, she wants to try herself in the long-form.

Adding to this, she further gave clarification on her agenda. She feels that often the South Asian talent does not get the credit they deserve and she wants to work in order to make them earn the same. The author of ‘How to be Bawse’ is ready with another book titled- ‘Be a Triangle’. It is set to be released in the month of April. Singh believes that the industry is marking small steps when it comes to diversity and inclusion but a lot of work needs to be done. Her main agenda is to tell stories that show the nuanced and complex face of South Asia.

The Jaipur Literature Festival will be held in the online mode from 9 March and in the offline, from 10 March at Hotel Clarks Amer.

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