After successfully completing eight seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna is bidding farewell to the show.

After eight seasons of delivering caustic one-liners, dramatic scenes, and self-deprecating lip-synch humor, actor Lisa Rinna has decided to leave the top-rated reality TV program The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


When her contract with the program expired at the end of the previous season, she had to make a decision. She kept in mind all of her possibilities and other business commitments that she had to take into account before making her choice. She said the program has been the longest employment in her 35-year career and she is deeply grateful to her Bravo coworkers and everyone who is a part of it.

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On the most recent episode of RHOBH, Lisa was alleged to have yelled at Sutton Stracke repeatedly after he claimed that neither she nor her husband had ever expressed gratitude after having them buy tickets for Elton John’s yearly charity event.

Fans have tried to contact Lisa about how Rinna has allegedly continued to exploit Kathy Hilton’s apparent breakdown during the cast’s trip to Aspen, but Lisa seemed to be unconcerned by the criticism from her fans. The supporters continued to jeer her at BravoCon 2022, but she maintained the same attitude.

She raised this issue in the public, explaining how her supporters jeered her. She identified as a wrestler, adding that, like The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), even the most well-known wrestlers have experienced boos. She has enjoyed her profession immensely for the past 32 years.

Lisa also expressed her appreciation for the show, saying she was thrilled to have been included on Bravo of the Housewives, the most popular cable program. She continues by saying that it is only a show and that shouldn’t be the basis for one’s opinion in response to the criticism she has received from the audience and her admirers. The admirers should think back on the fact that she always provided them with the truth.

When her mother Lois passed away in 2021, Lisa acknowledged that some of her sadness was brought on by the internet vitriol directed at her. She is deeply sorry for any anger she may have ever directed toward the fans, even if none of them were involved.

She continued by criticizing RHOBH for being unable to properly remember Louis and instead opting to concentrate on minor drama from earlier issues that reappeared. She claimed that everyone should be ashamed and that her mother Lois deserved much more.

About Lisa Rinna

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She appeared in Season 4 of RHOBH, 2013 as a friend of the cast before moving on to appear in Season 5 as a key cast member.
Her life with her husband Harry Hamlin and their two daughters, Delilah Belle and Amelia Gray, is revealed to the show’s viewers.

In the fifth season of the series, Lisa Rinna came on board. It made its debut in 2014. Her most well-known performance was when, after a quarrel, she threw her wine glass at Kim Richards because she didn’t want to disclose information about her husband Harry Hamlin.

She is also recognized for the tagline “Own it, baby” from the Days of Our Lives album.


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