Live updates from the Monsoon Session of Parliament: Congress MPs walk out as the Lok Sabha reconvenes; the Rajya Sabha convenes amidst further chanting

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The Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha have yet to complete any important work since the monsoon Session began on July 18. Additionally, the fourth day of the Session on Thursday began on a sour note with both Houses adjourning minutes after convening.

Live updates from the Monsoon Session of Parliament:
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Even with the bulk of the opposition MPs leaving, the Lok Sabha continued to meet. While the Congress MPs left the chamber in protest of Sonia Gandhi’s Enforcement Directorate summons, the DMK, Left, and NCP did so in protest of price increases and the GST. There were no TMC lawmakers in the Lower House.

While this was going on, opposition members raised concerns about price increases and the impact of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) increase on everyday necessities, leading to two adjournments of Rajya Sabha proceedings during the pre-lunch of monsoonn session.

Due to opposition protests, the Lok Sabha has been postponed till tomorrow in order to discuss and adopt the Indian Antarctic Bill, 2022, which was scheduled for today.

Following lunch, the Upper House started debating the 2022 Weapons of Mass Destruction and their Delivery Systems (Prohibition of Unlawful Activities) Amendment Bill. After V Murleedharan, the MoS for Parliamentary Affairs, requested that the bill be addressed with opposition members present, the house was adjourned.

Due to opposition demonstrations over price increases and inflation, both Houses were postponed on Wednesday, the third day of the monsoon session. Before calling the day to a close, the Lower House alone considered a few matters in accordance with Rule 377.

Discussion of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Amendment Bill is postponed until Monday.

Prakash Javdekar, an IBJP lawmaker, endorsed the proposal. Many questioned if Covid-19 was a biological weapon, he claimed. He also applauded the measure for addressing the issue of financing terrorism.

He emphasised that the measure, which dealt with both domestic and international security, was “little but significant.” He declared that the goal of the measure was to “eliminate terrorism” in the statement.

Manoj Kumar Jha’s remarks regarding “Weapons of mass disruption” were brought up by Mr. Javdekar, who also criticised the opposition for interfering with House procedures.

The bill’s discussion was postponed to Monday at the request of V Murleedharan, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, since the administration wanted to pass the law with opposition support. He requested that the measure be reviewed with the opposition members present because it deals with vital issues.

Rajya Sabha continues, In the middle of ongoing sloganeering

Sabha proceedings resume as opposition MPs continue to demonstrate against the GST increase on everyday products and other topics.

The Deputy Chairman announces, “If all members return to their seats, I shall take point of orders, otherwise not.” Tiruchi Siva, a member of the DMK, attempts to raise a point of order, but the Deputy Chairman says such is not permitted during question time.

Set aside one day every week for whatever topic the opposition wants to discuss: The offer from Kapil Sibal to prevent a parliamentary gridlock

Kapil Sibal, a Rajya Sabha member, proposed changing the rules of procedure to allow the Opposition to address any issue on any day of the week without the government having the power to block it in the midst of the parliamentary gridlock.

“Logjam in Congress. To start with: Modify the procedures: Any topic the opposition wants to discuss on one day of the week. Government should not be able to block this, Mr. Sibal tweeted. “A law should never be approved without debate. To collaborate on this opposition,” he added.