Wednesday marked the start of day 5 of the Punjab police’s search for Amritpal Singh, the leader of Waris Punjab De and a known Khalistani. The extremist preacher is still on the run, but the police have launched a big crackdown while his uncle Harjit Singh and driver Harpreet Singh have already turned themselves into the Jalandhar police. 

In order to apprehend the extremist preacher, the Punjab government prolonged the suspension of mobile internet and SMS services from Monday till Tuesday noon. Also being detained by the state police are 78 members of the group he led.


Amritpal Singh Wanted: Punjab Police Issues Lookout Circular and Non-Bailable Warrant

A lookout circular and a non-bailable warrant have been put out by the Punjab Police for Amritpal Singh, the chief of ‘Waris Punjab De’. Amritpal Singh has not yet been detained, according to Inspector General of Police (Headquarters), Punjab Sukhchain Singh Gill. 

So far, there have been various cases that are charged against Amritpal Singh

The Punjab police have been making all efforts to arrest Amritpal Singh and are receiving full support and cooperation from the central as well as state agencies according to the IGP.

The Punjab Police published fresh images of the leader of “Waris Punjab De” on Tuesday as the search for Amritpal Singh continues. The police have shown the self-styled preacher in a variety of outfits and asked passersby for assistance in apprehending him. 

The government was requested by the high court to provide an update on the Amritpal Singh operation. “Why was the NSA imposed? The whole operation was planned, then how come everyone except Amritpal has been arrested? We can’t believe the story,” the judge inquired. 

Bhagwant Mann, the chief minister of Punjab, declared on Tuesday that the government would not tolerate any force that was hostile to the nation.

It has come to light that Amritpal Singh visited the Gurudwara in Nangal Ambian village (in the Jalandhar district) after fleeing and changing into new clothing before departing once more. This was discovered during the interrogation of the four guys who were arrested, he added at the press conference.

Amritpal Singh changed his clothes and switched from a Brezza automobile to a motorcycle in order to avoid being arrested. He managed to evade the law in Mehatpur, according to the police, using a Brezza automobile that has since been found. 

Amritpal Singh sought safety at a gurdwara and changed into a different outfit before taking out on a motorcycle. Four others have been detained by the police for aiding him in making his getaway. 

Four of his helpers have been charged under the Guns Act. 

The Punjab Attorney General Vinod Ghai told the High Court that the Khalistani preacher is being sought after. Tarsem Singh, the father of Amritpal Singh, was in the courtroom, according to Amritpal’s attorney. In response, the court ruled that Singh’s father could not be heard since he was not a party to the proceedings and that he should file an application if he wanted to make a submission. 

The court adjourned until the subsequent hearing, which was set for four days later. It also asked the government for a new affidavit.

According to the police, 114 people have been detained in relation to this case so far, and there is a serious suspicion that the ISI and foreign finance are involved.


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