Maharani 2 Trailer: The Strong Rani Bharti and her enemies are Back!


The Makers of Maharani 2 launched its trailer recently, and we are already waiting to watch this political battle. Last year, when this series released its first season, the audience was taken by surprise with the powerful performance of Huma Qureshi in the political series. The story, direction, and acting kept the audience hooked to the last episode, asking for more.

Maharani 2: What to expect?

The second season seems to pick up from where the previous season ended. As per the last scene, Bheema Bharti was in prison on corruption charges, and Rani Bharti was on the chair as the CM. Now, the new season begins with the release of Bheema Bharti who attends political events and moves around, targeting Rani Bharti. At the same time, multiple events shake up the state like the killing of a beauty pageant winner with the opposition leader Navneet Kumar hatching a new plot against CM Rani. 

Similarly, the opposition and happenings in the state are against her. Everyone is asking about her with agitations compelling her to resign. Amid, all this Rani Bharti is shown in her brave, strong, and straightforward avatar. After all the corruption, caste conflicts, killings, and ploys in the previous season, Rani is confident on making ‘a new Bihar’. 

The new Drama

In this season, you can expect a fair and strong reign under Rani Bharti. The previous season showed a clueless Rani’s journey from being a dedicated wife and mother to the CM of Bihar after her husband suffered a stroke. Although she found it difficult in the beginning,  she learns through the process and uncovers a big corruption scam, and tackles the plots against her with her smartness.

The series starred Huma Qureshi, Sohum Shah, Kani Kusruti, Pramod Pathak, Amit Sial, Vineet Kumar, and Anuja Sathe in prominent roles. Meanwhile, the audiences have loved the trailer of this series hailing it as ‘Zabardaast’. The same caste is reprising their roles in the second. The series will stream on Sony LIV from August 25. 






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