Mangaluru Auto Blast case link to Coimbatore blast case, 5- member NIA team reaches the site   


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Karnataka DGP confirmed that the Mangaluru blast is an act of terror. To probe the case a 5-member team of NIA went to Mangaluru. The NIA team visited the blast site and was probably going to quiz the rickshaw driver and the passenger who suffered injuries due to the blast. The pressure cooker was in the rickshaw and exploded on Saturday. NIA also visited the hospital where the injured passenger was being treated. 

On Sunday, Karnataka Home Minister and DGP confirmed that the state police is investigating the case with NIA. 

As per the information, the Coimbatore blast angle has appeared in this case. Police also found that the passenger in the rickshaw who has been identified as Prem Raj used a fake Aadhar card to purchase and register a SIM card in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. This holds much importance as a similar blast took place similar to the Mangaluru case. 

After this link was found between the two cases the Tamil Nadu DGP ordered further probe in Coimbatore. The auto passenger carried documents, fake SIM, and fake addresses. 

Two fake Aadhar cards, a PAN card, an unused SIM card, a mobile, and a notebook that contained circuit drawings have also been found. With NIA officers a bomb squad and a dog squad also arrived to investigate where the blast took place. Rickshaw is also a part of the probe.




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