Manhattan’s district attorney, Alvin Bragg was sent a threatening letter along with some suspicious powder. The letter was sent as a direct threat to Alvin Bragg. The powder was found to be non-hazardous.

Alvin Bragg, Manhattan district attorney, was sent a threatening letter along with some suspicious white powder. The letter was discovered in the mail room in their Manhattan office after it was received at 11.40 a.m. ET on Friday. 

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Trump’s warning 

Hours before this incident, Donald Trump, whom Alvin has been trying to prosecute, posted on social media that his arrest could lead to “death and destruction”. On Thursday, the former president had called the first black DA of NY, Alvin Bragg an “animal”.

Threatening Letter and Powdery Substance

The letter was a direct threat to Bragg, addressing him by his first name, followed by “I am going to kill you” with thirteen exclamation marks. The letter had a stamp of Orlando, Florida. 

The NYPD and the FBI were both present at the scene. They investigated the letter. The powdery substance was tested by NYC police and environmental protection officials. Bragg’s spokesperson has said that the substance was found to be non-hazardous. 

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The aftermath 

The Manhattan building where several government departments work got back to normal. People were not evacuated. But additional security has been employed around the courthouse and the DA’s office. More police officers, metal barricades and bomb-sniffing dogs have been brought to ensure safety. Security has been increased inside and around the perimeter to ensure safety due to the increasing interest in the proceedings.

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Alvin Bragg to his staff 

In a memo sent to his staff, Alvin assured them that safety remains a top priority. He thanked them for their perseverance in front of media attention and growing security. Alvin continued to say that they will make sure to apply the law “evenly and fairly”. His staff is made up of almost 1600 people.

The prosecution of Donald Trump 

The grand jury is expected to resume its work on Monday. Alvin is trying to prosecute former president Donald Trump for paying hush money during the 2016 election of $13,000 to Stormy Daniels, a porn actor, to not mention a sexual affair she said they (Trump and she) had. Trump has denied those allegations.

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Mayor Eric Adam

Mayor Eric Adam’s spokesperson in a statement released on Friday said while they could not comment on the proceedings of the court, no public officer should receive a threat for doing his job. Adam also said that he hoped every elected official in the city, including Bragg, would continue to do their work and anyone found to be engaging in illegal activity would be brought to justice.

Support of Black leaders 

Alvin Bragg, the first Black DA of New York received the support of black leaders as he faced Trump’s insults for doing his job. Rev Al Sharpton has said that a prayer vigil will be held for Bragg’s safety in Harlem on Saturday.

Donald Trump is facing legal troubles for multiple charges brought against him, including paying hush money and keeping classified documents in Mar-a-Lago. Previously, he had inaccurately predicted that he would be arrested by Wednesday.


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