Many Indian Airlines reduce the capacity and waive off ticket rescheduling fees till January 31

Many Indian Airlines reduce the capacity and waive off ticket rescheduling fees till January 31
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  • With the rising number of cases due to the onset of a new Covid virus, Omicron, the travel industry is experiencing a backlash from all the prospective travelling customers, with their reduction in purchasing the tickets for travelling to suitable destinations.
  • With the onset of the third wave to rule, airlines face a tremendous downfall, resulting in reduced people booking the tickets.

Why is in News?

The travel industry in this world is one such industry that gains maximum recognition from its customers, with their excellent travel history.

Travelling ever since the current times of Covid has always been at the peak, in fact during vacations if someone had to book a ticket for some destination then they would have had to do it two to four months prior,

unlike the current situation where we can witness a reduction in traveler’s travelling to their suitable destinations for either work or holidays.

Ever since Covid stepped into India, our travelling industry has faced a significant backlash in its bookings. Many people stopped travelling because of the fear of the deadly Coronavirus that could harm them anytime or anywhere.

The toxic stress of the virus has disturbed everyone’s mindset, as many people have stopped moving out and forget about travelling to faraway destinations.When we talk about travelling, one of the significant travel partners are generally the airlines, who would offer exciting vouchers or travel packs for national and international trips.

But, with the ongoing situation, such packages have also stopped being promoted. Moreover, people have also stopped booking tickets, thus reducing the all-year-round sale of the travelling sector at the forefront.

Covid impact on Indian Airlines

Looking at the situation that is ruling everywhere, many popular airlines have also deducted or waived off the charge fee for exchanging or cancelling the flights and are quite willing to offer new bookings until January 31, which is till the end of the first month of the year.

All the airlines, Indigo, AirIndia, Spicejet etc., waiving off the exchange fee until a suitable dateline. Travel and Tourism as an industry is quite large and diverse in its functioning all across the globe,

which includes both are travelling within a specific nation or internationally to foreign business tours or family holidays.

Travelling as an essential agent is linked up with many other beneficiaries like enhancing the tourism ratio in certain places, acting as a game-changer in boosting the revenue of the economy, and many other beneficial advantages.

The nation’s growth and enjoyment of all the people residing in this brave tourism world have experienced a downfall in many aspects, which might take some time to return to its original place.

Travelling is one such art that citizens would never forget to follow, as it is for them a great source of refreshment or enjoyment, which with the onset of Covid has lowered down a bit and has reduced the revenue generation from one of the significant money-spinner of the society, the travelling sector.

People residing in all parts of the world hope that things will come back to normal with some patience and a positive mindset, which would boost the economy and the travelling industry a great hit.

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