Marvel’s Eternals: What Happened 7000 Years Before The Avengers


Marvel Studios dropped the final trailer of the third film in the MCU’s phase four; release scheduled on November 5 in theatres.

This epic standalone Marvel movie Eternals unfolds the mystery inspiring numerous memes on social media on why the immortal heroes didn’t help the avengers in the fight against Thanos.

Eternals introduces some of the entirely new branches of characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Oscar-winning director, Chloé Zhao, brings the Eternals to the foreground in the most sensual way with the haunting music in the final trailer.

As it comes out in the trailer, Eternals were created by Celestials to protect humankind on the Earth from their mutant counterparts, Deviants, also known as The Changing People.

The final trailer reveals that the Eternals have been living in secret on the planet for 7000 years.

The trailer does steam up everyone’s curiosity.

It starts with the wise and spiritual Ajak, portrayed by Salma Hayek and Ikaris, another Eternal, played by Richard Madden, talking about where the current situation stands after Thanos swiped half the population of the universe.

After which, people on Earth brought back every one with a snap of a finger.

It is here when the plot gains momentum; as Ajak says to Ikaris, “The sudden return of the population provided the necessary energy for the emergence to begin.” And unfortunately, they only have seven days to manoeuvre this unexpected conflict.

As far as the fight with Thanos goes, Sersi, the humankind-loving Eternal (played by Gemma Chan), justifies their disengagement to Dane Whitman (played by Kit Harrington), by saying

“We were instructed not to interfere in any human conflicts unless Deviants were involved.”

She and other immortals were sent here to “protect humans from the Deviants” and were obliged not to get involved in all the wars and other terrible events throughout history.

Some Background

The Eternals are a masterpiece of Jack Kirby brought into light in 1976 when his exotic ambitions to create a cosmic epic made him re-join Marvel.

After leaving Marvel in 1970, he joined the DC Comics pursuing his temptations on DC’s New Gods, which was cancelled, resulting in this epic.

The movie’s star-studded cast, as seen from the trailer, is unlike anything before.

It is nothing like its rival Avenger films, which had over a decade of movies to build up all the fuss for its fans’ spoon feed.

But this is also not entirely true because Eternals may have left a trail behind in your minds; do you remember the Skrulls in Captain Marvel? They are Deviants, and even Thanos himself is a mutant hybrid of an Eternal and a Deviant.

The Eternals will introduce Kumail Nanjiani as cosmic-powered skilled swordsman Kingo, Lauren Ridloff as the deaf speedster Makkari, Brian Tyree Hendry as an inventor and engineer of the Eternals Phastos, Lia McHugh as the eternally young Sprite since she cannot change her appearance, Ma Dong-Seok as the mighty Gilgamesh, Barry Keoghan as Ikaris’s cousin Druig, and Angelina Jolie as the fierce warrior goddess of wisdom and war Thena while Kit Harington plays Dane Whitman.

It is Thena who would remind the Eternals their true purpose and, on her hands, lays the Earth’s fate as she says, “We have loved these people since the day we arrived,” and “When you love something, you protect it.”

Ritika Singh
Ritika Singh
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