Max Verstappen on course to break 3 F1 records at 2022 Singapore Grand Prix 


Max Verstappen is currently performing at a legendary level. He doesn’t seem to be putting a single foot wrong as he now holds a staggering lead of 116 points over his championship rival Charles Leclerc. Max has been invincible since the summer break, showing skills of the greatest level and winning races with ease even from lower grid spots- like in Belgium, Italy, and Hungary.

While Verstappen had a disappointing start to his season, with DNFs in the first and third races in Bahrain and Australia, after which Leclerc held a 46-point lead over Max. At that point, Verstappen said that he would not focus on the championship, but on every race individually. And now, with Verstappen’s consistency and the Red Bull’s stable and reliable car, the team has pulled well away from Ferrari and headed to the Singapore Grand Prix where Verstappen can break 3 records.

Max Verstappen
source: auto week.

#1. Lewis Hamilton’s most wins in a season (11)

Max Verstappen currently has 11 wins from 16 races, and if he wins in Singapore, he will beat the seven-time champion’s career-best record of most wins in a season.

#2. Lewis Hamilton’s consecutive race-winning streak (5)

Lewis Hamilton has won 5 races on the trot in two instances, 2014 and 2020. Max currently has 5 consecutive race wins, from France in July to Italy in September. If he wins in Singapore, he will beat Lewis for his career-best consecutive race-winning streak. 

#3. Nigel Mansell’s most wins for a one-time world champion(31)

Nigel Mansell holds an almost two-decade-long record of the most number of wins for a one-time world champion. Max Verstappen sits at 31 wins, and if he wins in Singapore, the Dutchman will become the most successful one-time world champion. 

The Singapore Grand Prix takes place this weekend. Read too Max Verstappen wins 2022 Dutch Grand Prix to extend F1 lead


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