Mhow: Incidents of molestation surge


Mhow: Incidents of molestation surge

Hoaxed Audition

 Kumari jagriti Sourya,08th October, 2022 

Mhow (Madhya Pradesh): incidents of attack have seen a consistent ascent in Mhow as of late. Sonali, a young girl  from Maurya family living in Chander Marg was preparing for government examination at her home.

The family  were disturbed because of the foul smell of a lamb shop found close by. In October, when the young girl  of the Maurya family came out from the house, Mohammad Zakir, Mohammad Shahrukh Khan, Babla Khan, started to do obscene acts .

On a complaint filed  by the Maurya family, the accused has been enlisted against the denounced under section 356, 294 and 506 of the Indian penal Code (IPC).

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