Mithila Palkar discusses menstrual health, fashion and more.


Mithila Palkar is a talented actor who is best known for playing Kavya Kulkarni in the TV show Little Things, which is about a heartwarming romance.

However, she is also a singer—remember her Marathi version of Anna Kendrick’s “Cup Song”?—a fashion and fitness enthusiast, and an outspoken advocate for safe and sustainable menstrual health practices. In fact, she recently took to social media to talk about how she got her first period and how she dealt with it.

In an exclusive interview with, the Chopsticks star discussed why she is outspoken about menstrual health, how Alia Bhatt influences her wardrobe choices, how she maintains her signature curly hair, and fitness techniques. Excerpts that have been edited

  • Your sense of style is unmistakably relaxed and elegant. Who are your fashion role models?

If forced to select someone from the entertainment world, I’d go with Alia Bhatt. She has a casual, no-fuss dress sense that I like.

  • Tell us about your all-time favourite outfit, one that you can’t live without.

I like clothing that is both comfy and fashionable. In my opinion, a pair of well-fitted jeans and a basic white t-shirt constitute, in my opinion, a simple but very flexible ensemble. They may be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion and mood.

  • How do you decompress on days when you’re not shooting? Are you

I like to unwind and de-stress by swinging and listening to music.

  • You have curly hair. What do you do to keep your mane so healthy, given your recent recovery from COVID?

I think that what you consume determines who you are. I make an effort to eat healthily on most days and supplement with the vitamins necessary for good hair. My key to maintaining healthy curly locks is to oil my hair every other day. Additionally, I adhere to a stringent sulphate and paraben-free curly hair wash regimen.

  • You claimed in an Instagram post that you had your first period while studying for your board examinations. Could you please elaborate?

When I was in eighth grade, our school had many seminars on menstrual education. My elder sister gave me my first period lecture. We had an open discussion about menstruation and the hormonal changes that a female experiences when she first begins her period, etc., so yes, I was aware. However, when I first received my period, it was a very different sensation; I was taken aback!

  • What are your thoughts on India’s present state of feminine hygiene and menstrual health?

While certain firms and brands are promoting the importance of menstrual health and feminine hygiene, India has a long way to go before seeing significant change. Menstrual health is especially neglected in rural areas, which make up most of our country.

  • Would you suggest environmentally friendly menstruation products such as menstrual cups or sanitary pads?

Ans: Yes, I would strongly suggest menstruation cups and sustainable pads since they are both financially effective and environmentally friendly. Carmesi’s reusable menstruation cups are my preferred substitute for disposable pads. Because it can be reused and lasts a long time, it doesn’t waste as much as traditional period products that have to be thrown away.

  • What are your thoughts on India’s beliefs and biases around menstruation? What can we do to assist in their eradication?

Ans: A sizable portion of our population still harbours anti-menstrual prejudice. They feel uncomfortable discussing anything linked to menstruation publicly. Even now, rules such as prohibiting access to the kitchen or sacred sites during menstruation continue. Significant change will occur only if we work together to shatter these taboos by teaching others about menstruation and encouraging women to love their menstrual bodies and own their red spots in all their messy glory!

  • Do you have a special workout programme that you follow while you’re on your period? How do you deal with cramping or pain when you’re on a tight schedule?

When I get period pains, I like to perform gentle stretches and keep hydrated. I do take time off to enable my body to fully rest.

  • What menstrual health advice would you give to your adolescent fans?

Menstrual health is critical. It is our responsibility to look after our bodies, particularly during periods, and to maintain a healthy sanitary regimen. Additionally, it is critical to recognise that periods are just that: periods. They do not make impure or filthy people. Thus, I would advise every young menstruator to embrace their red spot with pride. Your body has incredible strength. Accept it.

Published by : Aditya Andharia 

Edited By : Kritika Kashyap






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