Myanmar junta planning fresh election with stand-in player


The Myanmar military and its proxy have intensified the preparation for the planned election. Myanmar military is planning to hold  elections in 2023 but, they have a back-up plan to retain in power through proxy Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP). Junta’s proxy USDP held Central Executive Committee meeting on this week. 

The meeting was organized for discussion on upcoming Party’s leadership election in June. The USDP Leadership election will decide, who will get the top positions in the new government. The USDP has publicly supported the Junta’s coup and declared that the party members are hunted by the anti-junta forces and around 1500 members have killed. 

The next year election will be a proportional representation system election. In which, the election seats will be allocated to party members instead of fighting directly for them and the military would allocate the majority of seats to USDP.

However, military is going organize a planned election but, USDP is also skeptical that the Aung Suu Kyi’s NLD has not dissolve yet and the USDP’s past election performances against NLD has been very poor and the current military discourse suggests that the Junta is also very hesitant toward USDP. The former military general said that “If the USDP was useful, there would be no need for the military to stage a coup at the cost of its reputation”. 

The USDP won only in the 2010 as the NLD did not contest that election and the USDP had lost 2015 and 2020 election, which was annulled by the Myanmar military.





Ritik Pal
Ritik Pal
Student of journalism at Delhi School of Journalism, University of Delhi. Strong with pen and fascinating toward International Relations and geopolitics. Though also writes financial news stories.


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