Narayan Rane Shows Aggression Against the CM


Union Minister Narayan Rane was arrested in the case of slapping remarks against Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray.

These words become so harsh for the shiv sena government and filed a case against Narayan Rane.

It was the first time when any minister was arrested for the words against any minister. Opposition is never together but it is not right to give any statement about anyone.

The Story Behind these Words

Narayan Rane was the minister in the past time in the Uddhav Thackeray party. But the new cabinet of prime minister Narendra Modi appoints him as MSME minister. He was very aggressive with Thackeray because he forgot the day of independence and had to ask any person.

The exact situation was that on 15th August independence day was forgot by the chief minister Maharashtra. And he was asked to the other person. It was the whole incident that and it was very shameful to forget own country independence day.

After this Incident “he said that I had been there, I would have given him a tight slap.

FIR against him

“This situation became very worse because of the words and after that for lodged against him. In cyber police station by the city of Nashik shiv sena unit chief.

The legal provision which was used in the fir ( IPC sections- 500 (defamation), 505(2) ( Mischief), 153-B(I)© (likely to cause disharmony or feeling of enmity or hatred or ill-will).

Nashik police commissioner ordered the arrest to him. After that completed the fir procedure then arrested him. In the many police station, FIRs were lodged against him, especially in Nashik.

Bail Granted to him

Narayana Rane was released on a bail bond of Rs. 15,000 and asked to appear before the police on Aug 31 and Sept 13. In Nashik, Four FIR was filed against him.

He said that this arrest was politically way and before the arrest issue of notice is necessary for the arrest procedure and any notice was not sent to me.

Raigad court judge said “considering the reason for arrest and other reasons I found that arrest was justified”. But magistrate SS patio said that there was no need for custody.

The bail order says, Mr. Rane “should not commit similar offences”.

Mansi Sharma
Mansi Sharma
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