Oscar says yes to Chhello show, RRR still has their hopes alive


Chhello show is a Gujarati film that literally translates to “the last show”. There were many hopes in the minds of the people regarding the film RRR being nominated for Oscars this year. The film Chhello show being nominated for Oscars was a huge shocker for the Indian audience. The film is the official choice for the 95th film awards. The most surprising part is that the film was never released in the Indian theaters before its nomination to the Oscars.

Many cinema lovers have expressed their sadness and disappointment for not nominating excellent films like RRR and The Kashmir files. The “#RRRForOscars” started trending within a few minutes on Twitter. RRR has a chance of winning the Oscars if the team of RRR applies for a direct nomination for the Oscars, the same way the team of the movie Jay Bhim did. According to sources, Chello show was randomly picked up by a jury of 17 members. Not only SS. Rjamouli’s RRR but also Vivek Ranjan Agnohotri’s The Kashmir files was seen as a tough competition for the Oscars. The film is chosen for the Oscars on the basis of the director, the originality in the screenplay, the acting of the lead actors and the actress, supporting actors and actresses, the uniqueness and the lyrics of the song, and many such categories are carefully observed by the jury

The whole team of Chhello show was congratulated for the Oscars 2023 by Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri and many others. The Chhello show will be available to the audience as it will be released shortly. In the history of Indian cinemas, there were 3  films nominated for Best International feature. Those 3 films were Mother India (1957), Salaam Bombay (1988), and Lagaan (2001). None of the above 3 nominated films successfully managed to win the Best International feature.

According to Atul Mohan, RRR has chances of winning awards but he also believes that it is very early to shrug off chances for the Chhello show. There are many people, especially Indian people who want to see their country become the Best International feature very soon. 


Ramya Iyer
Ramya Iyer
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