Paralympics medalist Sundar Singh Gurjar: Reveals his suicidal thoughts from 2016 disqualification


Sundar Singh Gurjar, winner of the bronze medal in men’s javelin throw at Tokyo Paralympics. The winner once had a harrowing experience of disqualification from the 2016 Paralympics diary. Such experiences made him compelled to think about his suicidal attempts

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· Journey of Sundar Singh Gurjar  

· How the medalist fought against committing suicide  

· How to prevent suicidal thoughts  

Journey of Sundar Singh Gurjar:  

Sundar Singh Gurjar is a 25year-old Indian Paralympic javelin thrower, shot putter and discus thrower. He won a bronze medal at Tokyo 2020 Paralympics in the men’s javelin F46 event. He has created another world record with 68.42 meters at the 16th Para Athletics National Championship and is also a recipient of the Arjuna Award for Para-athletics.   

Sundar Singh started his life like other General Category athletes, but unfortunately, his left hand was amputated due to get injured while placing a tin shade at his friend’s house. In such a dusky phase, he kept himself vital, and the result was his engrossment in 2017.   

How the medalist fought against committing suicide:  

Before achieving such an epithet, he had to pay off many sleepless nights. He once had a bout of depression and decided to end this life. The decision was not to get the mandatory roll call before the throw and rejected in the 2016 Rio Paralympics as he had completed throwing the spear to 68.42 meters, which built the confidence of winning gold.

Subsequently, he shared, “That was a big setback. I had thought my life was coming back on track after having lost my hand in an accident a year ago. I had made efforts Rio only. But that jolt broke me.”  

Gurjar was a completely changed person when he was off home. He was disconnected from the outer world until his coach Mahavir Saini convinced him to go to nearby playgrounds. After that, he was pushed to take participate in the World Para Athletics Championships in London.

This event changed his life, and then he actively took participated in many circumstances. And currently, being a Paralympics medalist, he can erase that dark chapter forever. Such incidents are a perfect example of making a significant mark and go forward.   

How to prevent suicidal thoughts:  

We celebrate World Suicide Prevention Day on 10th September. One in every hundred deaths globally is the outcome of suicide. We can raise awareness of suicide on this day, which can redeem the number of suicides and suicide attempts extensively.

Be the Mahavir Saini (Coach of Sundar Gurjar) of someone’s life. If someone seems de-motivated, hopeless, let us understand their emotions and encourage them to go forward. By pressing, sharing experiences, we can boost someone’s confidence and give a reason to be lived happily. 


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