Pm Modi Urges India To Be Self-reliant In The Post-budget Webinar Series


In the post-Budget webinar series, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed an event on Technology Led Development.

PM Modi urged India to become self-reliant and said that technology is a powerful medium to empower the common man.   

PM said that given the new systems being built in the world, it is imperative to India to be self-reliant; he also called for minimizing the dependence on foreign countries in the field of communication. 

Addressing the post-Budget webinar Series on technology-enabled development, Prime Minister Modi said the provision made for science and technology in this time’s general budget is very important, and their rapid implementation is very important. 

PM said that science and technology is not just separate field for the central government because it is connected to the digital economy and is based on modern technology.

He said that technology is the mainstay of empowering citizens and making the country self-reliant. 

Further, he added that US president Joe Biden talked about making America self-reliant in one of his speeches, talked about making America self-reliant, and he also laid great emphasis on “Made in America”.

The PM said that’s why we know in a new system created in the world. We need to become “AatmaNirbhar “.  

The things emphasized in this Budget- Called to reduce dependence in the field of communication; The PM called for reducing the reliance on foreign countries in the field of communication and said that the country’s own robust data security infrastructure is critical.

He said, “the dependence on foreign countries should be minimized, and new approaches to security regarding communication should be added to it. The country needs to give more impetus to its efforts to bring new technology in the field of communication. 

Emphasize on increasing Human Intelligence- we have to increase our efforts in this direction with great awareness; PM mentioned the emerging area like AI, geo-specialization, drones, semi-conductors, space-tech, genomics, pharmaceuticals, and clean technology related to 5G to be highlighted in the budget. 

Appeal to increase efforts from private sectors- He urged private sectors to increase their efforts in these areas. Referring to the growing global market for gaming, the PM said that the budget has focused on ‘Animation Visual Effects Gaming Comic’ (AVGC). 

They have emphasized that the toys should be adopted to the Indian Psyche and Indian needs. The PM said the private sectors make the most of the endless opportunities emerging due to changes and regulations for the use of geo-specific data.

Published By: Jaspreet Singh

Edited By: Kritika Kashyap






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