Podcast: A time-shifted radio


India is the third largest podcast consumer

Lockdowns have lifted, but it has left a lasting impact. It has changed not only the way people are working but also the entertainment they are vying for.

Towards the end, tired of watching multiple series, movies or even tik-toks, many looked for ways to spend their time without having to strain their eyes.

Podcast, though a relatively new concept, has spread like wildfire amongst the people. Mostly everyone at this point has listened to a podcast.

Especially with lockdowns springing up each way you turn and demand different entertainment options on the rise.

Why do people opt for a podcast?

With lockdown in effect and an overflowing watchlist waiting for you, people jumped at the opportunity. But this got old soon.

This generation is not one for monotony, and after sitting hours in one place staring at the screen, they are always hungry for something new to come along.

Podcasts offer the same pleasure of enjoying new and exciting stories and interviews but with the additional advantage of not punishing your eyes for the same.

Moreover, it boasts a massive number of categories to choose from and an equally staggering number of languages to listen to. Unlike watching a movie or a web series, listening to podcasts is a private affair.

According to Spotify’s Managing Director, Amarjit Singh Batra, “It sounds like you’re sitting next to a podcaster literally. This friendly experience is compelling,”

Its boost to fame in India

As most trends go, India is one of the countries to get hooked on pretty quickly. But, still, the wave of podcasts swept at an incredible speed.

It is currently the third-largest consumer after the US and China and has reported around 57.6 million monthly users. This might be due to Indian culture.

Amarjit said, in contribution to this theory, “listening to podcasts is similar to listening to our grandparents’ stories. Storytelling is ingrained in our culture.”

India’s familiarity with radio is another reason why its people are jumping on the podcast bandwagon. Unlike television and other screens, which require special attention, the radio rarely stops indoors.

“As a radio station, podcasts can also be in the background, as you do some of your work,” said Mantra, a former RJ.

Podcast trending genres

There are myriad genres for listeners to choose from and almost double the number of content creators, making it challenging to choose which genre is most favourable.

Some of the most-streamed categories are entertainment, spirituality and self-improvement, personal finance, sport, trivia, general knowledge and current affairs.

The podcasts that are ranked top 10 in India are:

1) BTS In India Podcast by Creators Journal

2) Naallanaa Murukku – RJ Balaji Podcast by Spotify Studios

3) The stories of Mahabharata by Sudipta Bhawmik

4) The Ranveer Show by BeerBiceps, aka Ranveer Allahbadia

5) Unconventional Ghalib by Fahad Hussain and Rekhta

6) Twice as Old by Twice as Old

7) The Joe Rogan Experience by Joe Rogan

8) Disney Stories for Kids by Kishan Bhandari from Kids Candle

9) Maha Bharat with Druv Rathee by Spotify studios

10) Scorpio Aaj by Spotify Studios

Sharvi Dave
Sharvi Dave
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