It is not the first time when Rahul Gandhi said anything about BJP government. But this time prices are increasing in many things. LPG cylinders are vital for every family in India. Opposition always against each other.

It is always similar. But which type of hashtag is used by the minister shows their reaction. What exactly do they want from the government. The response is normal, but the congress government always opposed the BJP government. 


Reason for Rahul’s Gandhi Reaction

LPG gas prices again increase the costs of cylinders by Rs.25 for the second time in two weeks. The price of a 19 kg commercial cylinder was increased by rs.75.

New rates are given today. For the 19 kg, the commercial cylinder will cost Rs1693 in Delhi. And for the non- subsidized cylinders price will be at Rs884.50 per 14.2kg cylinder. 

Rahul Gandhi said that prices increased day by day. He tweeted the hashtag “India against BJP loot” for targeting the BJP government.

Continuing slamming the Centre, Rahul Gandhi said, “Farmers, labourers, small and medium businesses, MSMEs, salaried class, government employees, and honest industrialists are being demonetized. 

“Since 2014, Rahul Gandhi asked where the Rs23 lakh crore has gone that the government has earned through petrol, diesel, and gas prices,” the former Congress chief asked. Who is being monetized? “4-5 friends of Narendra Modi Ji – economic transfer is being done.”

Opposition Target to the Centre

The opposition said that this type of change shows more inflation in India how everyone can survive. Everyone feels like an empty stomach without even a single piece of food. 

Everyone’s opposition targets the centre but is it indispensable to direct the government? What would make a difference is to lead the government to a better path to give better solutions for people’s problems. 

LPG Gas Issue

LPG is an eminent part of every household, and issues related to LPG are day to day business of every Indian home. After the COVID-19 issue economic issue is facing every country and that’s why everything becomes more expensive.

It is affected everything. Politics remains never-ending, but we hope more a better situation ahead. 

Mansi Sharma

I am a final year law student who is keen interested in the writing and research. I am happy to share my thoughts with everyone. Writing is not just a art but it is the scenario how to create new world. Being law student you should aware about everything so, writing is just only for one topic is just boring so why are not trying to find new places.


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