Punjab: CBI captures two senior traditions authorities in pay off the case.


CBI laid a snare and got the director while he was requesting and taking hush-money of Rs 1.30 lakh.

Along these lines, the job of Additional Commissioner, Customs Commissionerate, Ludhiana supposedly came in the pay off the case, and she was likewise gotten,” said the authorities.

The CBI additionally directed inquiries at the premises of both denounced, including at Ludhiana, Hoshiarpur, Chandigarh.

“A measure of Rs 59.40 lakh in real money and some implicating records were recuperated from the premises of the Additional Commissioner, aside from recuperation of money adding up to Rs 2.60 lakh and certain implicating reports from the premises of the director, during the look,” added the organization authorities.

Kolkata: Teacher, the child discovered dead inside level, police question spouse, guide.

Punjab: CBI captures two senior traditions authorities in pay off the case.
Image source: India today.

Kolkata police are testing the killings of a 14-year-old kid and his mom, a teacher, whose bodies were found at their home in Behala’s Parnasree region on Tuesday.


  • The 14-year-old is lying in a pool of blood. 
  • Kolkata police presume the job of more than one aggressor. 
  • Agents have recorded the assertion of Tapan Mondol.

The bodies were found by the perished instructor’s significant other in their level in a multi-story building.

At the point when Tapan Mondol showed up home, he discovered the entryway partially open.

The teen was lying in a pool of blood on the bed. Teacher Sushmita Mondol’s body is on the floor.

The police said a primer examination showed that the attackers were more than one in number.

The two casualties seemed to have to death with a chopper, the police said. As indicated by the police examination, the assessed season of the homicide of the two might have been between 3 pm and 5 pm on Monday. The police scrutinized the teacher’s better half and the young person’s guide.

As indicated by police, there were irregularities in Tapan Mondol’s assertion. Police said the mentor may have shown up around 5 o’clock and left after seeing the entryway shut and the lights turned off.

Police likewise discovered that between 2 pm and 4 pm upon the arrival of the twin killings. 

 The police attempted to determine whether the executioners were in the house when Tapan Mondol showed up home.

Tapan Mondol, notwithstanding, said the entryway was partially open when he showed up from work.

The police have likewise scrutinized Tamajit’s school specialists to determine whether anything strange occurred during the online classes.

They again visited Tapan Mondol‘s office to decide whether or not he was busy working at the assessed season of the homicides.

The police speculate that the executioners were known to those who may have made way for them. Neighbours say they didn’t hear or see anything uncommon.

A criminal case, significant level test in Brahmaputra boat invert: Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma.

Punjab: CBI captures two senior traditions authorities in pay off the case.
Image source: The economic times.

On Thursday, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma requested the police record a criminal case regarding the boat upset in the Brahmaputra in Jorhat region that guaranteed one life.

At the same time, two people are as yet absent. After visiting the mishap site with senior authorities, Sarma told correspondents that according to the underlying test, bungle to be the great justification behind the mishap, which occurred on Wednesday evening.

“I have asked the Jorhat Police to document a criminal case for the mishap. By today evening, we will declare an undeniable level test to discover the purposes for the mishap,” he said. 

The leading clergyman additionally said that there are ten private machine boats with single motors that work between Nimati Ghat in Jorhat on the southern bank of Brahmaputra to Majuli, the world’s most oversized stream island. 

“From today, all single-motor boats will be prohibited from employing. Those motors are not marine.

Nonetheless, assuming a proprietor needs to change them into marine motors, we will uphold them,” he added.

Sarma said marine motor expenses are around Rs 10 lakh, which the public authority will give to the willing private proprietors following their application.

“Out of the total amount, 75 % will be government subsidy, and 25 per cent will come as loans.

They can begin applying from today at the Office of the Deputy Commissioner of Majuli,” he said. Sarma additionally said a sum of 90 people were going on the disastrous private boat.

Out of them, one individual passed on, and two are as yet absent. Overnight hunt and salvage tasks discovered 87 people alive.

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