Putin and Xi ping best friends forever


Last few years, there has been a lot of speculation about what is happening in the Russia-China relationship. On 15th December, this was no different when Putin and Xi Jinping had a video call that lasted just over an hour, from 4:07 p.m. to 5:21 p.m. Beijing time. There are many speculations about what took place during this call. However, one thing is clear: it will lead to a change in global geopolitics. 

Russia’s state news agency TASS stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Xi Ping had an unprecedented video call that strengthened their friendship.

Chinese official media reported that the call lasted for less than an hour. The ring had motives that would affect the relations of both the countries and other countries that neighbor these.

It was dedicated to the international worries that the countries face. Russia faces the issue of the Russia-Ukraine border. 

Meanwhile, China doesn’t hold a pretty rapport with its neighbors. Ukraine’s issues have been up for a long time. Russia also objected when Ukraine wanted to join the alliance since 2002.

China shares a significant part of its boundary with Russia, and they must maintain an excellent bilateral relationship as the colossal focus is on mutual trade and energy supplies. The commonality lies in the idea of expansion of the land in terms of territory. 

A similar discussion happened back in June, reported by the Chinese media. Earlier in the year, the two leaders met via video as part of a ceremony for launching a nuclear power reactor project. In August, Putin and Xi also spoke by phone following the Taliban’s seizure of power in Afghanistan as the U.S. withdrew troops.

According to Reuters, Putin won support from Xi for his push to obtain binding security guarantees for Russia from the West, a Kremlin official said U.S, NATO is deploying weapons and military assistance to Ukraine, and Russia wants to guarantee that this doesn’t happen any further. 

In the last couple of years, China has exported a considerable amount of coal and fuel from neighboring countries due to the lack of coal.

Xi said on Wednesday that he looked forward to seeing Putin at the Olympics in Beijing as they start a new chapter in China-Russia relations post-Covid, according to Chinese state media. The games begin in early February, and Biden has announced a diplomatic boycott, although athletes can still attend. 

China and Russia are the two most powerful nations in Asia. The two countries have a history of close ties. This has led to economic cooperation between the two nations, embodied by the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). 

After establishing diplomatic ties in 1949, Russia and China found common ground due to their mutual opposition towards American hegemony.

Russia is now trying to come closer to China, following Western countries’ recent sanctions imposed against them. Both countries are also opposed to the American tariff policy, which sanctions Russian imports but not Chinese imports. 



Aishwariya Mane
Aishwariya Mane
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