Randy Orton’s Tattoo Artist Catherine Alexander vs WWE: Tattoos Copyrights


Randy Orton’s tattoo artist Catherine Alexander sues WWE for the tattoo rights she made on Randy Orton.

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FLORIDA: Catherine files a lawsuit against WWE for the Copyright issues of her tattoos on Randy Orton that WWE used without her permission in their game of the law. The lawsuit was filed against WWE in 2018 after she got the copyrights for tattoos a month before she filed the case.


Catherine Alexander Sues WWE

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The case filed on Randy Orton’s tattoos in WWE 2K franchise started a few years back in April 2018 by Catherine, after she filed a copyright issue for her tattoos. And later, she brought the lawsuit against many other games and software such as Take-Two Interactive Software, 2K franchise, Visual concept entertainment games, Yuke’s Co. Ltd, Yuke’s LA Inc, and 2K Sports, Inc.   


She claimed that WWE contravene her copyrights on Orton’s tattoos and that she did inform them and did not permit them to use the tattoos in the 2K franchise game. But they ignored her and used her tattoos without her permission.

She also stated that she was offered $450 for the permission but she rejected and sued them for illegal use of her the tattoos that she made.

The case has been under many eyes as not only the WWE 2k franchise, but many other companies also have games that feature athletes with Tattoos and recreate them in various video games.

As many artists could get swayed by this and can sue many companies for the use of their art without their knowledge or permission especially WWE as most of the wrestlers/entertainers have tattoos. 

According to various sources, the jury took 3 hours and 26 minutes to make the final call in The US District Court, Southern District of Illinois.

Finally, the Jury came to the final decision by considering some points such as:

  1. If the defendants (WWE) had proven the tattoos were fair use and could be used without Catherine’s permission (they disagreed).
  1. What is the total amount of Damages was Catherine entitled to? – the total amount decided was $3750.
  2. And finally, what is the total amount of profit did the company get from the usage of tattoos? – WWE ruled $0.

Randy Orton tattoo artist: Catherine Alexander

Illionis District court
Madison -ST.Clair Record Southern Dsitrict of Illionis


Catherine Alexander brought a lawsuit for tattoos that she created on WWE Superstar Randy Orton around 2003 and 2008. In an interview said, “Those tattoos are recognized by his fans and members of the public.”

And on March 2018 she applied to court to get the copyrights for the tattoos that she drew in past on March,15,2018, and a month later, on April 2018 she filed a lawsuit against WWE. 

She later added that “I contacted WWE many times on many occasions, and they offered me a fee of just $450 for the tattoos. Turned down the offer and then I filed a lawsuit against them.”


A precious ruling on September 26, 2020, with judge Staci M. Yandle, ruled that WWE and the 2K game franchise has copied five of Randy Orton’s tattoos and Catherine claimed were her original work and that she had the copyright for them since 2018.

The summary judgment was denied at the time and the issue was forwarded for a Jury trial, the main reason said for the jury call was due to the decision made could affect various companies and their policies regarding the use of tattoos on their rooster.  



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