In light of Moscow’s attempts to exert pressure on its allies to open new fronts in its conflict with Ukraine, the United States has acquired military equipment to combat what they refer to as a “threat of terrorism.” 

Belarus plans to move military equipment and forces in a ‘counterterrorism’ exercise, state media reports.
“During this period, it is planned to move military equipment and personnel of the national security forces,” the state news agency BelTA cited Belarus’s Security Council as saying. People Protesting in Favor of Ukraine. Image Source: Pexels

Despite not allowing his own troops to participate, President Lukashenko enabled his nation to be used as a staging area for Russia’s assault on Kyiv. Russia had previously assisted Belarus in quelling a popular uprising two years prior. 

Since the surprise visit to the capital by Sergei Shoigu, Russia’s defense minister, there have been further indications of involvement from Belarus’s end. He and his Belarusian colleague inked security cooperation revisions without divulging their terms.


According to Ukraine, Russia began stationing troops in Belarus in October. While officials in Belarus warn of a terrorist threat from partisan groups operating outside their borders. By the end of this year, the military must compile information on reservists who are traversing the border, under the president’s directive. 

On Wednesday, the Belarus Security Council announced that the military hardware system and personnel will be arriving in the nation within the next two days. This would limit traffic on some roads. BelTA, the official news agency of Belarus, also stated that practice with mock weapons would be conducted.

Nato says the joint drills mark Russia’s biggest deployment to ex-Soviet Belarus since the Cold War. Source: Getty Images

The number of troops and a description of the different types of equipment that would be employed, however, were not disclosed. It was also kept a secret where the roads would be closed and what kind of training exercises would take place. 

Diplomats have in the past expressed skepticism about Belarus joining this conflict because of its weak army, which Russia could easily influence to incite public opposition to President Lukashenko. 

According to the research tank Institute for the Study of War, Belarus was gathering data about the Ukrainian military manning the border. Some, however, also believe that given Belarus’ recent activity, it could actually send troops.

After Ukraine launched drone attacks on Russian air bases deep within its territory on Monday, the Russian missile strike left damage, the authorities in Ukraine are currently working to restore power. 

The drone attacks were not publicly attributed to Ukraine. However, there appeared to be celebrations and a showing off of its newly discovered ability to get past the Russian air defenses. 

The crowd on Protest against War on Ukraine, New York, NY, United States. Image Source: Pexels

Russia began its special military campaign in February of this year under the pretext that Ukraine’s close links to the West would be dangerous to international security. Ukraine, on the other hand, claims that the invasion constituted an illegal act of aggression.

According to the UN, 7000 of the thousands of fatalities were civilian. 

Putin has also warned the Western nations that support Ukraine that there is an increased possibility of nuclear war and that Moscow will not carelessly deploy such weapons. 

Additionally, Russia denies targeting civilians on purpose. According to the most recent documents, 500 or so civilians were allegedly slain by Russian soldiers in various regions of Ukraine. 

The Russian government did not immediately comment on these accusations, but it did deny any deliberate death of civilians.

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