The arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC) has put Russian President Vladimir Putin in a tough spot. In this period of difficulty, Putin will be expecting to seek help from his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping ( President of China) when he welcomes him to Moscow on Monday at Critical Moment. 

President Xi Jinping will be the first international leader to show the Russian leader some support after the ICC arrest warrant. 


Russian President Vladimir Putin, along with another official was charged with the allegation that they indulged in child abduction during the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war crisis. Several Ukrainian children were reported missing. Reports say that the children were forcibly taken to Russia. However, Moscow said that it was done in humanitarian interests. 

Putin to welcome Xi Jinping ( Russia – China Meet )

The visit to Moscow will prove as a symbol of friendship and prove that China is an ally that will stand by Russia against the West which according to them has been trying to cripple Moscow’s powers by ostracising it. 

In an article for a Chinese newspaper, Putin said that he held high hopes for the visit by “his good old friend”, with whom he had signed a “no limits” strategic partnership last year. 

The United States of America has warned China against helping Russia in terms of supplying weapons and other essentials. It proves a delicate move for Xi Jinping especially when Putin has been declared a criminal in 123 nations (all part of the ICC). 

Russia and China are both not part of the International Criminal Court which makes it even more difficult for both leaders. One nation is being isolated and the other is slowly treading on thin ice. 

As of now, Putin enjoys immense power in his homeland. The danger lies outside the nation’s borders. The number of sanctions and the ICC arrest warrant has made it difficult for Putin to visit any other nation at the moment. 

Apart from the recent crisis regarding the ICC arrest warrant, the Russian President also welcomed China’s help to resolve the Russia-Ukraine crisis. Putin welcomed China’s willingness to mediate in the ongoing war. 

As an attempt to dissolve the conflict, China published a paper that sought to settlement. The 12-point paper by Beijing was published last month. However, the contents of the publication were not very promising as it only contained general statements and provided no clear hints regarding how the conflict between the two nations at war would be solved. 

Ukraine showed a positive response to the proposal but also countered with negotiations. Ukraine said that for there to be a settlement of any kind, Russia will have to surrender all Ukrainian territory it occupied through means of force, including the annexed region of the Crimean peninsula. 

On the other hand, the United States of America USA expressed its dissatisfaction regarding the involvement of China in the matter. The USA expressed their concern because China did not condemn the situation in Ukraine despite being a member of the Un Security Council. 

So far, there seems to have been no settlement reached and no ceasefire has been declared. Russia- Ukraine war began in February last year and has been going on since then. A recent update shows President Putin visiting occupied territory, Mariupol, for the first time. According to Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, the Russian President’s visit occurred during late hours on Saturday and continued on Sunday. 

The United States has reacted with extreme skepticism to China’s involvement, given its refusal to condemn Russia’s invasion.

White House spokesperson John Kirby told Fox News on Sunday that any call by Putin and Xi for a ceasefire now would be unacceptable because it would just “ratify Russia’s conquest to date”.

“All that’s going to do is give Mr Putin more time to re-fit, re-train, re-man, and try for renewed offensives at a time of his choosing,” he said.


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