Sakinaka Rape Case: Mumbai CP said accused confessed to the crime


Sakinaka rape and murder case has emerged as a brutal rape case in line with the 2013 Delhi rape and murder case.

After investigating and questioning the accused, Mumbai police learned the reason behind the incidents related to monetary quarrels.

The perpetrator and victim in the Sakinaka murder case were known to each other, according to Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagrale, and a money quarrel between them led to the sexual assault and death of the 32-year-old woman.

Nagrale stated that the accused had confessed to his crime and that the police investigation thus far had found no evidence that the incident was deliberate.

On Thursday night, the 32-year-old woman was sexually assaulted and had an unknown item inserted into her private areas. On Saturday, she died in a hospital from her injuries.

The culprit, named Mohan Chouhan, was detained by Mumbai Police on Friday evening and was first charged with rape. Murder was added to the FIR after the woman died from her injuries.

The victim and the accused were well-known to each other, according to Nagrale, and had met several times previously.

” During our research, we discovered that they had met four or five times previously. There was a monetary issue, and the victim was demanding something from him, which resulted in a verbal altercation, following which the occurrence occurred,” he stated.

Both the victim and the accused are homeless and live in Sakinaka on the same street.

The defendant is from Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, and worked as a tempo driver. According to the police, there was no criminal record against him in Maharashtra. They’re looking into whether Chouhan committed any crimes in Uttar Pradesh.

After her better half left her, the lady had been living with her mother for eight years. She moved out of her mother’s house following a fight, leaving her three girls in the care of their grandmother. Since then, she has been homeless.

Officials claimed Chouhan and the victim had a verbal dispute about 2.55 a.m. on Friday. The accused began assaulting her on the pavement near SJ film studio on Khairane road in Sakinaka.

“After she passed out, the accused led her into the tempo, where he reportedly sexually attacked her and killed her by sticking a sharp object into her private parts,” an officer stated.

Chouhan went to his sister’s house in Sangharsh Nagar in Andheri a few hours after executing the murder.

According to the police, the accused took a bath and washed his bloodstained garments there before packing them in a suitcase and telling his sister that he was leaving for Uttar Pradesh.

The cops identified him and detained him from his sister’s residence based on CCTV footage before he could flee.

“The defendant has admitted to his wrongdoing. The chronology of events has been determined, and the weapon used in the assault has been recovered,” Nagrale stated.

On the other hand, the commissioner refused to reveal the details of the weapon used in the assault, claiming that doing so would jeopardise the inquiry.

According to a post-mortem performed on the deceased at J J Hospital, she had lesions in her genitals and abdomen and various injuries throughout her body, indicating that she had been pierced with an item.

The perpetrator was initially charged with rape and murder. Still, sections of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, were added on Sunday due to the woman’s caste.

Nagrale further stated that the government had appointed special public prosecutor Raja Thakare in the case.

“The Maharashtra Chief Minister has announced Rs 20 lakh for the victim’s three daughters,” Nagrale said.

He proceeded to tell that the SIT would wrap up the investigation in the following 15 days and file the charge sheet within a month. 

Demanding Strict punishment, her sister said, “My mother is crippled and maintains a vegetable market to supplement her income, which barely covers the rent.

That is the only way to make money. I have two girls to look after and live in Thane area, which is rather far away.

My sister’s children have no other relatives who can pay for their education and care for them after she passes away.

I am requesting that the government give housing for her daughter and fund their education,”



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