Saregama Caravan music bar – worth the anticipation?


Saregama Caravan released its music bar on the 24th of August this year. Seeing the high standards the company has already set, the new music bar is in for a rigorous evaluation. So is it as good as the makers claim? Read on to find out. 

Success of Saregama 

The company came to the limelight as its music box, which seemed decades behind in technology with preloaded songs in the era of Gaana and Spotify, sold like hot cakes in 2018. It targeted the middle-aged and older generations who struggled to come to terms with the new technology.

It presented its product as the ‘vintage’ bite, allowing them to access music as they did in the olden days. It was an easy option for people who wanted a laid back experience without having to stream music.

The advertising team also did a great job, showing it as the perfect gift for grandparents and parents. So after the massive success of their speakers, a transistor look alike, they have taken a new step and brought out a soundboard of the affordable category with 500 preloaded songs and ample device connectivity to complement your TV. 

Technical facts and figures 

Subwoofer – 6.5 inches 

Audio inputs – HDMI ARC, Coaxial In, USB, Bluetooth 5.0, FM and AUX-In 

Soundboard dimension – 900mm × 80mm × 80mm 

Subwoofer dimension – 250mm × 316mm × 300mm 

HDMI input – 0 

HDMI output(Audio return channel) – 1 

Drivers – 4 × 2.5-inch drivers 

500 preloaded songs 

Price – Rs 6990 

Power – 120W 

Four speakers and two bass radiators  

The plus points  

1. It has a decent and convenient build. It has a black hard plastic finish with a matte look and metallic grill. The colour is all black and will give a classic look while blending well in the surroundings. Its dimensions make it easy to fit beneath your TV. 

2. It can be easily synced with various devices, both wirelessly or with a USB cable. The availability of FM radio is a new addition and will make your experience much better. 

3. The unique feature is that it has 500 preloaded songs; most retro fans love the song selection. The bass can be easily adjusted with the options on the remote.  

4. The sound is good, given it is a budget music bar for movies and gaming and music. At around 50% of the total volume, a regular-sized room can enjoy it. 

5. The price is pocket-friendly compared to other brands like Boat and JBL at Rs 6990. 

The downsides  

1. It does not sound the best when the volume increases to more than 50%; it has a tinny audio quality at a high volume. Its 3D effect is less convincing than that of other music bars in the market. 

2. There is no display bar which makes navigating music a challenging task. Say if you have to play the 443rd song, you’ll have to press the keys more times than you would like to count, as you can only skip ten songs at a time. 

The Opinion 

If you are passionate about retro Bollywood songs and don’t mind listening to a queue of them, this is perfect for your home. However, if you are selective in your choices, it can prove a bit tricky.

The connectivity and finish offered at the price range are excellent. The sound quality is acceptable until it’s used at a 50% capacity, so if you are not looking for something which would be a party ball, the Saregama Carvaan music bar is a sensible investment. 

Vipraja Rao
Vipraja Rao
Vipraja Rao is a college student of humanities and an omnivorous literature lover, in the city of lakes, Bhopal. She dabbles in poetry, writes articles and is a regular participant in oration events like debates and Model United Nations. The genre of thriller-suspense and detective-suspense are her weakness, Agatha Christie and Dan Brown being her poster novelists. She would like to think that she has got a good hand at sketching and likes humming to calm beats. Along with being curled up on the couch with a book and a coffee, she occasionally enjoys exploring lesser-known rustic places, capturing nature through the lens and savouring every delicacy gracing mankind.



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