SCO Summit 2022: The far-reaching meaning of preparation for production rights


-Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the growth rate of the Indian economy will be the highest in the world this year.

-Putin advocates for visa-free travel of the Union of India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday at the Shanghai Summit  (SCO )stressed making India the right to produce. This announcement has far-reaching meaning on the global stage. Scientists believe that when production increases in the country, employment opportunities for the people will also increase. This will also accelerate the growth of the economy. At the conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that work is being done to make India a hub of production.

The growth rate of the Indian economy is expected to be 7.5% this year, it will be the highest among the world’s largest economies. Experts believe that, therefore, good results from the steps taken in this direction will be visible in the coming years. Experts say that efforts have been made in this direction for a long time in the country.

India has not only taken many steps related to ease of doing business but the environment has also been made easy by eliminating the laws related to business difficulties in a big way.

Through the self-reliant India program, where steps have been taken to eliminate dependence on imports from abroad, the country is also being prepared as a centre of export by increasing production.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization leaders’ summit in Samarkand on September 16, 2022.

Former chairman of NITI Aayog, Rajiv Kumar said in a conversation with a newspaper that whether there is a Make in India scheme or a production-based incentive scheme in the country, through these, not only will production in India increase on a large scale but also support on the export front will get. According to him, when production increases in the country, employment opportunities for the people will also increase, all these steps will make it possible for the country’s economy to proliferate. Experts also believe that it will reduce our dependence on imports in many countries including China, we have more opportunities because we do not have a shortage of labour force, talent and resources.

At the same time, Ajay Sahai, Director General and CEO of General Policies of Indian Exporting Organizations told a newspaper that given the increasing demand in India, more orders are coming from many countries. Given this, the focus is on increasing production in the country, as well as production in India is cheaper than in China, due to which many countries are giving priority to us. He said that no longer is the logistic policy going to be introduced in the country, this policy will reduce the cost of transporting Indian products from one place to another and will be competitively cheap.

Russian President Vladimir Putin advocated for a visa-free travel agreement between India and Russia during his talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In a meeting between Modi and Putin at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s annual summit, the Russian President said India’s rich history, and ancient culture, have traditionally been a subject of great interest to the Russian people. In this background, we propose to expedite the negotiation process on the agreement on visa-free travel, Russia’s official news agency Tass told Putin. During decades of united talks- Modi noted that Moscow and New Delhi have been united for several decades, and he thanked Putin for assisting in the safe evacuation of thousands of Indian students stranded in Ukraine.

-In a new recurring initiative to promote tourism through people-to-people contact between the member states, it has been decided to make Varanasi the cultural tourism capital.
-Each year the city of the cultural heritage of 1 member country that takes over the frequency presidency of the organization will be awarded a title to highlight its prominence.
-The new initiative will come into force after the Samarkand summit after which India will take over the presidency and host the next national presidents’ summit.
-It has been observed that the international influence of the SCO has increased and the principles of the SCO Charter are being widely accepted.
-China and Russia seek to remunerate the group as a countermeasure, especially as an extension of NATO
-Although it is believed to be so and there is a lot of contradiction between NATO.
-NATO expansion is completely different because SCO is a cooperative organization based on non-alignment and does not target any third party. NATO based on Cold War thinking

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