Seoul says North Korea will destroy itself if it uses nukes


On Tuesday, North Korea was warned by Seoul that it would push them on a path of self-destruction if they continue using nuclear weapons. This came days after North Korea implemented a new law that would allow them to use nuclear weapons preemptively.

This statement by the country could infuriate North Korea as South Korea usually uses such strong statements to steer clear of tensions on the Korean Plateau. The defense ministry of Seoul said that this legislation would only push North Korea into deeper isolation and motivate Seoul and Washington to make their deterrence and reaction strategies stronger.

To make North Korea not use its nuclear weapons, the other country will make its preemptive attack, defense and retaliation stronger and more powerful and also have a security commitment from the United States to defend the other country to its fullest potential and capability. 

North Korea has been warned of the overwhelming response that it could face by the Seoul-US military alliance and destroy itself if it uses nuclear weapons. This was indicated by an acting ministry spokesperson.

In a parliamentary speech, Kim Jong-un said that his country will never give up on nuclear weapons and it needs to face the threats from the US. He also accused the United States of pushing to weaken his defenses and destroy his government. Kim Jon-un has increased its weapon tests by test-launching ballistic missiles targeting both Seoul and the United States.

Its use of the words ‘self-destruction’ is rare but it is not the first time. North Korea was also warned of evaporation from the Earth or self-destruction by the leader of the other country between 2013-2017 as they conducted a slew of nuclear missiles and tests.

Seoul says North Korea will destroy itself
Seoul says North Korea will destroy itself if it uses nukes
Credit: Financial Times


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