Shinku La pass to get the world’s highest highway tunnel


The construction of the tunnel will be taking place at Shinku-La Pass present at a height of 16,580 feet making it the highest highway tunnel project in the whole world.

Since 2015, Border Road Organization (BRO) falls under the Ministry of Defense. Recently it was announced by BRO that it’ll be connecting Himachal’s Lahaul valley and Zanskar valley of Ladakh with a 4.25 km long world’s longest highway tunnel.

The strategic tunnel will have its Northside at Lakhang and south side .Construction of the tunnel is expected to start in July of this year.

Widening and blacktopping of the highway will be completed in three years along with the pass tunnel. The government of Himachal Pradesh has asked the BRO to set up headquarters of the Border Road Task Force (BRTF) at Jispa in Lahaul and Spiti districts.

The engineering team of BRO has already shifted from Rohtang Pass to Shinku La to foresee construction. Chief engineers from the Atal Tunnel project will oversee the construction of the Shinku La Pass tunnel as well as the roads connecting its southern and northern portals.

To execute this ambitious yet mammoth task, the Central government has constituted Project Yojak.Once opened it’ll provide all-weather connectivity for all kinds of vehicles.

Published By: Ifa Zamzami

Ashish Paikray
Ashish Paikray
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