Shooting ends of the upcoming Bollywood film ‘Vikram Vedha’


This article is about the upcoming Bollywood action thriller film ‘Vikram Vedha ’releasing on 30th September 2022

 General information about the film: –

 Cast – Hrithik Roshan, Saif Ali Khan, Radhika Apte, Rohit Saraf, Sharib Hashmi, Satyadeep Mishra, Rati Shankar Tripathi, Yogita Bihani, Durgaprasad Mahapatra, Abdul Ahad Shaikh

Director- Pushkar- Gayathri

Producer- Neeraj Pandey, S. Sashikanth, Shital Bhatia, Chakravarthy Ramachandra

Music- Vishal- Shekhar

Other Notable Person- (Below)

 Director of photography- P.S. Vinod

Production design- Durgaprasad Mahapatra

Casting- Anmol Ahuja

Language- Hindi

Budget- 175 crore (INR)

About the film ‘Vikram Vedha’ 2022

Shooting ends of the upcoming Bollywood film ‘Vikram Vedha
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Vikram Vedha, the upcoming film directed by Pushkar and Gayathri, has completed filming. The film is a Hindi adaptation of the Tamil neo-noir action thriller original (same title) that was released in 2017. It stars Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan in the main roles. The lead actors in the original were Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi.

The plot of the original movie is basically a story between a police officer and a criminal, the story goes like there is a tough cop Vikram who is the leader of a special task team formed to take down Vedha’s gang, which is wreaking havoc on the streets of Chennai and making a mockery of the law.

Vedha’s trusted aides are killed in an encounter staged by Vikram’s companion Simon, bringing him out of hiding. Vedha seizes Vikram and begins a dangerous mind game with him, leading to a quest to discover the truth about that fateful encounter.

The filming of “Vikram Vedha” began in October of 2021. The film was shot in a variety of places, including Abu Dhabi, Lucknow, and

Mumbai because of the different characters in the film and different locations which will be shown in the film.

Hrithik Roshan who playing the character ‘Vedha’ announced the news on social media, as well as a wrap-up photo with the filmmakers and Saif Ali Khan.

In the caption, he wrote a long statement thanking the filmmakers and his co-stars, especially Saif. He also mentioned that the movie had a lot of problems and uncertainty because it was shot during the Covid-19 pandemic. He compared his journey to a skydive, describing it as “frightful and delightful.”

Changing and selection of final cast for the film ‘Vikram Vedha’: –

Shah Rukh Khan was first approached to portray one of the key roles, but he turned it down. Saif Ali Khan and Aamir Khan were revealed in August 2019 to portray the title roles of police officer Vikram and mobster Vedha, respectively.

Saif distinguished Vikram from Sartaj Singh, a policeman he played in the online show Sacred Games, describing Vikram is “far more vibrant, bold, and strong” than his previous character as a police officer, who was suicidal and was often picked on.

Aamir left the film in December 2020, apparently due to scripting concerns, following production delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in India, during which the writers also revised the

Soon after, the producers signed Hrithik Roshan to take his position, since his character is from Kanpur, Roshan chose an Awadhi accent for his dialogue. Radhika Apte was cast as Vikram’s lawyer wife in July 2021, while Rohit Saraf was cast as Vedha’s sibling a month later. Sharib Hashmi was cast in an unnamed part in September, which was eventually confirmed to be Babloo.


The film ‘Vikram Vedha’ is going to be a Hindi remake of Tamil film ‘neo-noir’ which featured one of the best actors of Tamil industry and was a hit in the industry. Hopefully the Hindi version of the film will also be a hit as it is featuring one of the finest actors of Bollywood industry and it will reach to a larger audience. The movie will be released in the theater on 30th September 2022 as per the dates given by the director.

All the fans action and thriller movies are eagerly waiting for the movie to release so that they can enjoy the Bollywood spice of action and thrill in the movie, there can be few changes in the movie, but nothing has been confirmed. Let’s see if the movie matches level of its original version ‘neo-noir’ or not.

Release date– 30th September 2022


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