Vikram Vedha’s Directors Address Plagiarism Concerns


Plagiarism Concerns in the upcoming movie, Vikram Vedha’s directors have talked about the similarities in the Hindi and the Tamil remakes of the movie. 

To be released on September 30, the upcoming Bollywood movie Vikram and Vedha is already creating quite some buzz on the social media. The curious fans and the netizens alike are wondering whether the Hindi Bollywood remake of the movie will be an exact copy of the Tamil original version. 

Why are people questioning the Vikram Vedha’s plot? 

Surprisingly, the director duo of the Hindi remake and the Tamil version movies are the same. The couple Pushkar and Gayathri direct both the movies. Therefore, the netizens are wondering whether they will portray the characters exactly as they did in the Tamil remake or incorporate any new themes or ideas.

Vikram Vedha  Directors Address Plagiarism Concerns
Image Source- The New Indian Express

Moreover, the Hindi remake stars the infamous, high-budget actors like Hrithik Roshan who is playing the role of Villainous Gangster, Vedha, and Saif Ali Khan is portrayed as the good cop, Vikram. Also, the female lead includes Radhika Apte. 

The movie’s shooting has been exclusively done in Lucknow whereas the action sequences have been shot with big chroma green screens. 

The Tamil remake and its Legacy 

The above-mentioned director duo also produced a similar movie back in 2017 for the Tollywood. The plot for the movie was inspired by the popular Indian folk tale of Vikram and Betaal. Vikram was a great Indian king while Betaal was a magical creature that hung on Vikram’s back and spoke perilous and witty words in his ears.

aVikrm Vedha's Directors Address Plagiarism Concerns
Image Source- Times of India

The male leads in the Tamil version of the movie were Vijay Sethupathi and R Madhvan. The movie was generously received at the Box Office and garnered good records and audiences. Therefore, its remake’s creation was talked about for a long time. The Tamil version was shot in Chennai. The film critics absolutely adored R Madhvan’s acting in the movie whereas Vijay Sethupathi was applauded as well for his character portrayal. 

What did the cast say about this issue (Plagiarism Concerns)? 

Vikram Vedha's Directors Address Plagiarism Concerns
Image Source- The Indian Express

Hrithik Roshan has modestly commented in one PR interview that he believes he can never match the jaw dropping acting skills of Vijay Sethupathi.

But he can definitely bring his own flavor to the whole theme. For instance, the very fact that the Hindi remake was shot in Lucknow and not Chennai guarantees that the audience can expect subtle cultural referrals throughout the movie. 

Moreover, Saif Ali Khan has said that creating a remake is not about showcasing a similar story, rather it is about the fresh faces and new places that bring about a change in the remake.

Therefore, Vikram will be Saif’s understanding of character and Vedha will be Hrithik’s perception. Hrithik has also cheekily commented that, 

“There were times when we got stuck in a scene. We wondered how we could get from this beat to that one. The movie has already been made. We could easily have gone back to it and seen how they did it there and done the same. But that’s not how we were approaching it. We were trying to portray Vikram as Saif has played him and Vedha as I have played him. We were actually creating new, not recreating”.

What are Hrithik Roshan’s upcoming projects? 

Recently, Hrithik Roshan also dropped hints that he might appear as a male lead in the upcoming Ayan Mukherjie’s movie, Brahmastra 2 Dev. He might play that role, fingers crossed. Moreover, the director duo Pushkar and Gayathri have assured fans that the movie’s release clash with PS 1 will not affect its performance at the Box Office. 

Also, Hrithik Roshan will soon star alongside the popular actress Deepika Padukone in an action and thriller movie, named as Fighter.

The duo will be seen performing crazy and dangerous stunts along with the infamous actor Anil Kapoor. It will be worth seeing how the movie, named as mentioned, Vikram and Vedha will perform at the Box Office compared to its counterparts. 

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